03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

NFL: New York Jets & Dallas Cowboys Advance

Both the Jets and Cowboys won the wild card round of the playoffs yesterday and both did so in impressive fashion.

Surprise Surprise

Note to all of the Mark Sanchez doubters (myself included)...all you need is one playoff win in your rookie season and you're celebrated your entire career. (See Ben Roethlisberger) The New York Jets are a lot of things, one being cocky and arrogant, led by their mouthy head coach Rex Ryan. Braylon Edwards was once again a non-factor, and, let's be real, Sanchez passed for 182 yards and a TD. But as long as they're in the playoffs, you have to respect their ability to take advantage of situations.

Not Elite...

The lowly Cincinnati Bengals waited until the playoffs to put on their most embarrassing performance of the year. Carson Palmer was dreadful. He over threw players all game with a sorry 142 passing yards for one TD and an INT to none other than Darrelle Revis. As for Chad Ochocinco and his promise to drop the OC from his name if Revis shut him down, NFL, get ready to make up new jerseys because not only did Revis shut the flashy WR down once, he did it twice in two weeks. OC has two catches for 28 yards, and, while he didn't play the full 60 minutes in week 17, he still only has two catches in 8 quarters of football against the cornerback.

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis sticks out the most to me. I don't care what you do during the regular season. Yes the Bengals swept their division and the AFC North is a tough place, but in this game what matters to me is what you do in December and January and the Bengals were 2-6 in those months. Winning only to the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs and losing to playoff teams: Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers and the Jets twice. Lewis has had issues with his team on and off the field and at this point I think the team should part ways with him as he's clearly unable to get them anywhere.

Dominant Performance

Write it down, take a picture...the Dallas Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl. They have what every championship team should possess -- a strong defense and an offense that can put up points and kill the clock. The Cowboys swept the Philadelphia Eagles this season beating them three times, which is beyond impressive. However, they saved their best performance against the Eagles for the playoffs beating them 34 - 14. The win over on Saturday for the Cowboys snapped the 3rd longest playoff drought in the NFL, having won their last playoff game in 1996. This win was impressive and the team needed it for morale, but Dallas faces the Vikings on the road next week, where they will have to put on a similar performance against father time, Brett Favre, and his arsenal of weapons up in Minnesota. Should be a great game.

Truth Serum

Donovan McNabb is done! Wrap him up, tie a bow around him, maybe slap some lipstick on him, give him a makeover, and regift his arse to another team because it's over. The only TD that mattered in the game was thrown by back up QB (third string at that) Michael Vick. McNabb had a TD in the fourth when the game was all but lost for the Eagles. After 11 seasons of hope for the Eagles faithful, McNabb is still is unable to win big games. Maybe five NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl appearance is impressive to some...but it isn't to me, because he has nary one ring to show for it. Enough is enough is enough, and I'm over it.

Next week...the Cowboys face the Vikings, and the Jets either face the Chargers or Colts. *gulp* See ya next week kids!