03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Really...Flozell Adams?!

Well it seems that bitter Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle Flozell Adams just hasn't had enough of being a piece of hot garbage. I'm going to call this what it is in that it appears to me that Mr. Adams is jealous of Tuck. And for good reason I mean Justin Tuck is a force in the NFL and on many occasions he has all but manhandled Flozell's tub of lard behind on the field, so why not take it back to preschool before boys become men and do ridiculous things to express their frustrations.

After attacking Tuck AGAIN, Flozell stated while speaking with reporters after Sunday's loss that he wasn't going to "discuss" Tuck because he was "a nobody" *chuckles*. A nobody sir...really Flozell Adams. Justin Tuck is a nobody...really?

So let's take your statement as is, and apply it to some facts here. Tuck = nobody. Pretty clear and concise statement here. So if Justin Tuck is a nobody, then what exactly does that make you? I mean really, the way I see it, a nobody is someone who hasn't accomplished anything or done anything of any importance; and in the grand scheme of things it would appear Mr. Adams has that title pretty well sewn up himself. But he can't be a nobody because Tuck is.

Now, let's see here...since being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 1998 Flozell Adams has been selected to five Pro Bowls (2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008)...yes you read that correctly the fan voted pro bowl folks, and in 2007 he went for the double whammy in making the All Pro team. Impressive! But in his 11 year career with the Dallas Cowboys, this self important super star, hasn't managed to win ONE SINGLE PLAYOFF game. He's so important that Justin Tuck (the nobody) is listed on his very own Wikipedia page.

In the 2009 season Adams was fined several times for kicking at and tripping opponents. [2] Adams also got into an altercation with several Giants in their December 6, 2009 game at Giants Stadium after he pushed Justin Tuck from behind after a play had been blown dead, an action which drew review by the NFL.

Now that's saying something about who you are and where you stand when the person who's not so important to you, somehow makes it into your all important world. So there you go, Flozell Adams is not a nobody and that's clear from all that he has accomplished in his career.

Over in Justin Tuck's's how the cards stack up. Since being drafted by the New York Giants in 2005, "the nobody" , playing behind future hall of fame defensive end Michael Strahan and opposite Osi Umenyiora has managed to do ok for himself. He's only been selected to one Pro Bowl in his four years as a Giant and he's only been the starter since 2008 following Strahan's retirement at the end of the 2007 season. And then there's the issue of that Super Bowl that he all but DEBUTED himself to the world, as a back up pass rusher against the NFL's top ranked offense. The nobody has seemingly made the transition for the Giants from back up to starter, filling the shoes quite nicely for the recently retired Michael Strahan who did ok in his role. Add to that the five playoff games that Tuck has been apart of winning with the Giants and I'd say he's a pretty well known and productive nobody. I mean because hey...isn't the post season the perfect place to transform players into exceptional players. Something that the accomplished Flozell Adams has yet to do.

So if splitting time with one of the best at his position and beating the best in a Super Bowl and picking up a ring, and one selection to the almighty Pro Bowl makes you a nobody then Flozell Adams WILL NEVER BE A NOBODY because his career is filled with so many other distinguished accomplishments compared to Justin Tuck.

So...Flozell I really see why you think so little of Justin Tuck, really I do. And why you feel justified in pushing him from behind and taking shots at him jeopardizing his career and health.

Is it that you'd really prefer not to see him if you make it to the playoffs and have to face him again? Or that you know you can REALLY play better and protect your quarterback more if he really wasn't on the field in the first place? Or maybe it's that in the grand scheme of things, nobody really makes you think about your career, when comparing it to that of your own until you're faced with Justin Tuck. And if you really take a look at it, it really doesn't match up in your favor now does it?

And truth is Flozell it really never will!