02/12/2014 10:17 am ET Updated Apr 14, 2014

My Sochi 2014 Playlist

Welcome to our "Like An Olympian" series. During the 2014 Sochi Olympics, HuffPost Healthy Living will take a look at lifestyle and fitness lessons from competitors, coaches and former Olympians alike. Here, Kikkan Randall, the most successful U.S. female cross-country skier in history, shares what's on her playlist leading up to the games.

I love songs that have a high tempo and lyrics that I can make into motivating phrases in my head.

• Katy Perry -- "Roar" -- Makes me feel like a tiger ready to roar.

• Katy Perry -- "Firework" -- A fun reminder that there is more potential deep inside of all of
us that we need to celebrate.

• Kelly Clarkson -- "Stronger" -- Reminds me that every setback just makes me stronger.

• Jordin Sparks -- "Battlefield" -- I like to think of heading into races like it's going to be a battlefield, ready to take on the challenge like a gladiator!

• Lady Gaga -- "The Edge of Glory" -- Race like you're on the edge of glory!

• Survivor -- "The Eye of the Tiger" -- Live the Rocky story of working your way to the top.

• Taylor Swift -- "I Knew You Were Trouble" -- My teammates and I made a music video to this song last year, and it reminds me of the fun times I had with my team.

• Robyn -- "Hang With Me" -- This is also a song that comes from a memory of training camp with my teammates. We were training alongside the Swedish national team and picked up this song from them. We rocked out while doing a punishing workout in the gym together.

• Neon Hitch -- "Love You Betta" -- I like to twist the lyrics of this song and think of it as, "I'm going to train harder, be better, than my competition."

• Calvin Harris -- "Let's Go" -- A good song to get my energy revved up before a competition.

Let's do this!

Randall is a three-time Olympian who first started skiing to stay in shape as a cross-country runner during the winter season. Since her first Olympic Winter Games in 2002, she has become the most successful U.S. female cross-country skier in history, winning back-to-back World Cup sprint titles and securing the first World Championship medal for the U.S. Women's Ski Team in 2009. A 2013 World Champion, she first started eating Kashi as a child with her father and now gains energy for her training and competitions with Kashi GOLEAN cereals.