01/08/2014 02:41 pm ET Updated Mar 10, 2014

5 Mid-January Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

So it's halfway through the first month of 2014 and you've already given up on that resolution? That's terrible; no one has ever given up this quickly, what is wrong with you?

But let's be real, anyone who's actually made it this far is probably superhuman. Take a deep breath and know that self-improvement isn't limited to December 31, and that it's really more of an ongoing process than a sweeping change as the clock strikes midnight. So go ahead, make a "mid-January resolution." I've listed some of my own that you could steal. I bet you'll keep them better than I will anyways.

Listen to a new band every week

2014 was supposed to be the year I developed a more sophisticated taste in music; my iPod was going to range from Yo-Yo Ma to underground rappers that most people won't know about until five years from now. But I'm still just listening to Midnight Memories on endless repeat. Still, it's always good to branch out of your usual musical tastes, and there are plenty of ways to do this online: Pandora, iTunes radio and 8Tracks. Or be really old school and ask people, in person, what their favorite band right now is. Shocking. But really, while not every voice you encounter will be as glorious as Harry Styles' voice, you might just find something new to add to your NYE playlist next time around.

Put various fruit in water

I tried to give up pop cold turkey this year... then I had a Dr. Pepper on January 2. But now I've tried to just cut back on soda, replacing it with water. Lately I've been putting lemons and sometimes strawberries in my water so it seems less boring. This is great because I'm told a lot of spas do this, so you can pretend you are relaxed as you drink pineapple water and cry over your calculus homework.

Be active, in a fun way

Remember how you were supposed to train for that half marathon... oops. Well if you get your kicks from running, be my guest, but personally I find it boring and painful. So to actually keep my mid-January resolution this year I'm going to exercise in a way I enjoy every day instead of trying to force myself to do what supposedly is the most effective and end up doing nada. I'm trying yoga (classes are getting expensive so I'll probably switch to do it on the Wii), playing basketball at the recreational center (my free throws are horrendous, but at least running up and down the court is cardio) and I'm looking for a place to try zumba (because I've heard you burn more calories laughing at yourself, and that sounds like a grand old time).

Read, something, anything, just read

So maybe staying caught up on Wuthering Heights hasn't exactly panned out. And while, of course, it's always best to read what your English teacher assigns, for some people this is never, ever, going to happen as long as Shmoop and Spark Notes exist. So make a resolution to just read something, The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent, Anna and the French Kiss, the sports page, a silly blog about mid-January resolutions. Even if Bronte never becomes your beach read, I think your English teachers will thank Lord Byron just to know you are reading at all.

Spend some time on Twitter

I know what you're thinking, a teen procrastinating on a social network? But in all seriousness, there are some really groundbreaking things happening on Twitter, and I don't mean Liam Payne follow sprees or Owl City being so funny that you forget the ridiculous lyrics about getting hugs from lightning bugs. I mean real-life revolutions are happening on Twitter, through accounts like the one of educational activist Malala Yousafzai's charity (@MalalaFund) or Chinese artist and activist Ai WeiWei (@aiww). So make a resolution to follow different kinds of voices. Pick a few revolutionaries or world spiritual leaders (maybe @Pontifex or @DalaiLama), and add them to the list of people you follow. You can unfollow them in a month or next mid-January if you'd like, but give a few of these amazing people a chance; they can be a great source of inspiration and perspective.