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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Easy Floral Crafts For Mom

What is better than waking up to a homemade gift on Mother's Day? Even if the coffee doesn't have milk and the pancakes are runny, mom will always appreciate the effort. If breakfast in bed is not your ideal gift, I have put together two unique DIY projects that will wow the special women in your life. The arrangements are great to display on a dining room table, in the office or on a nightstand. Nothing is more important to mom than spending the day with the ones she loves. Personalize the projects even more by heading to a you-pick garden together to pick fresh flowers.

Personalized etching for Mom

Gorgeous easy project that anyone 5 years and older and can do. We bought etching cream (available at many craft stores) and used pre-made transfers to spell my mom's nickname "Gabi" and other general mom love slogans. Here are the easy steps to creating this fun project.

1. Select your glass item. It can be really anything from a clear glass mug, vase, cylinder, jar or even baking dish. Make sure surface is clean and dry. Try using rubbing alcohol to really clean the surface.

2. Attach your transfer letters or image to you clean glass item.

3. Secure with tape.

4. Apply a very thick layer of etching cream. Remember to wear gloves. Let it sit for a good 25 minutes.

5. Rinse with warm water and remove transfers (save them, they are reusable).

6. Clean vase and fill with simple stems from your garden. We used lily of the valley (mom's favorite) and viburnum.

mothers day gifts

mothers day gifts

Lacey Vases

Want to give mom flowers from your yard? We made beautiful vase wraps from doilies and lacey craft paper. This is super simple and will wow your mom.

1. Find simple glass containers or even tin cans to cover. We used odd drinking glasses, ball jars and bottles.

2. Choose lacey craft paper or doilies and cut to size and glue around your vessel

3. Fill with water carefully and fill with flowers from your garden. We love loosely arranged flowers that are simple and gorgeous. We used French lilac, David Austin garden roses, lily of the valley and apricot papery poppies and snowball viburnum.

mothers day gifts

mothers day gifts

By Kim Foren, Geranium Lake Flowers,

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