09/09/2013 09:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Google+ Can Help You Get Organic Traffic for High Traffic Keywords

Since Google+ is a part of Google, is there any doubt that Google+ can help improve your Google search engine ranking? But, the million dollar question is HOW??

How can you best use Google+ to help get your content on first page of Google search for your top, high-traffic keywords?

These 5 tips will get you started on the road to using Google+ more effectively and grabbing some of the top real estate on Google search.

1. Optimize Your Google+ Profile

Make sure that you are repeatedly using your top, high traffic keywords on your Google+ profile 'About Page'. There are a number of areas in this section that you want to make sure that you include your top, high traffic keywords. These include the introduction, bragging rights, occupation, skills, and employment sections.

BONUS TIP - In your Introduction and Bragging Rights sections, create clickable links out of your top, high traffic keyword phrases. When you turn your top, high traffic keyword phrases into clickable links, Google search algorithms pick them up and gives them a higher rank.

2. When Posting, Use your Top, High Traffic Keyword Words Right Away!

The first sentence of any Google+ Post is considered by Google search to be a part of the post's title. With this in mind, whatever you say in the first sentence of your Google+ posts will be given more weight in Google search's algorithms. Wow, who knew, right?

So make sure that you include your top, high traffic keywords or keyword phrases in the first sentence of your post. This way, you can easily use your Google+ posts to help improve your search ranking organically.

3. Start Sharing Content

To rank highly organically on Google search, start sharing your content on Google+. This is FREE traffic so please, oh please; use this tip . If you search for any keyword or keyword string today, you will most likely find that Google+ posts show up on the FIRST page of the search results organically. For example, in searching for "how to add people to circles", two Google + posts came up in the first 7 search results.


When I clicked on the first link it took me to Michael Q. Todd's Google+ page and post about some fantastic people to circle.


Because Michael shared that post on Google+, he appeared on the first page of Google search for one of his high traffic phrases, "how to add people to circles". See how this can work for you?

Disclaimer: My results are based on the fact that I was logged into my Google account, which most people are these days, whether they realize it or not. Google tailors our search results. Your results may vary from mine.

4. Use Your Unlimited Editing Power

The cool and very unique thing about Google+ posting is that you can edit a post any time you like! Just like a website, where updating your content helps catch Google search attention; updating a Google+ post works the same way! This is especially helpful when one of your Google+ posts gets a lot of traction and goes viral. If the news changes or you want to add an update, you can!

5. Get Indexed FAST!

It may take Google search a while to notice a new blog post or page on your website. However, if you share your new blog post on Google+, and +1 it, you can practically guarantee that it will get "indexed" by Google ASAP. Sharing your blog posts and pages on Google+ is a speedy way to have it indexed quickly which gives you a greater probability of being found sooner.

Which of these tips will you begin to use right away?