11/04/2013 03:44 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Sephora, "Celebutard" Lipstick? Are You High On Tattoo Ink?

Sephora cosmetics has a funky line of lipsticks under the Kat Von D. name called Painted ink. That's cool. One of the names of a creamy buff color is "Celebutard." Definitely not cool, funny or acceptable. Most of the other names are terrific, "Ritual, Cathedral." Even "Underage Red" is naughty - but doesn't make me see red.

People with disabilities are the last to benefit from what some might call "political correctness," and what I would call basic human decency. "Retard" is still bandied about - even by people I like a lot, like Howard Stern and his crew, who still have wack packers with the R word in their name.

I don't wear Sephora makeup. As Mom to three kids with autism, I call a clean face with maybe a swipe of mascara "camera ready." And as Mom of special needs kids - and friend to many people whose children have Down Syndrome, I wouldn't put this lipstick on a pig.

Tell Kat Von D her lipstick gets an "F."