07/20/2012 08:43 am ET Updated Sep 19, 2012

'Duets' Winner Recap: J. Rome, Jennifer Nettles' Contestant, Takes Home The Top Prize

Nine weeks, a ton of performances and one winner. Unlike previous weeks of "Duets," we won't know the results until the end of the night. Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Nettles -- the only superstars still left with their amateurs -- sing a rendition of "Would I Lie To You." Despite Kelly's casual black flats, the performance was still spicy and I couldn't be happier to watch the female superstars sing. After the performance, Quddus gives us a rundown of the show: All the amateurs (including those voted off) have come back, the final three will give one last performance, and at the end of the night, America will have its winner.

The show brings back Bridget Carrington, the last female amateur standing to sing with her duet partner John Legend. The pair sing The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" and Bridget sure showed America who they voted off. I didn't know if it was possible to look more like a pro onstage, but Bridget hit her mark. She looked comfortable, sounded incredible and I couldn't be prouder of a the last woman survivor. Yep, we run this mother.

Robin Thicke gets his duet on for the last time with Olivia Chisholm. They chose to sing Ray Charles' "Fever." Now that the pressure is off, the amateurs sounded better than ever -- even Olivia. She brought a little more oomph to her voice, which made me happy that she left the audience on a high note.

Now it was time for the final three performances and first up is John Glosson. Jennifer knew from the very beginning that John had a one-of-a-kind sound and up through this last night, she couldn't be prouder to call him part of her Georgia family. The pair sing the most emotional song -- at least to me -- Wicked's "For Good." Thank goodness they cut the song down or else I wouldn't have made it through the performance. Even if I did tear up, John jokes that he didn't, Robin loves the journey that John is about to embark on and Kelly couldn't love him more. I could tell that Kelly cried a little. She's such a softy.

Next up is Kelly and Jason Farol. Kelly mentioned how much she loved watching Jason grow and finally come out of his shell. I think he felt the pressure come off because him and Kelly sang a fine cover of Elvis' "Heartbreak Hotel." John has always thought that Jason and Kelly were fun to watch, Jennifer still loves his cuteness and Robin offered a bit of his father's advice: "If you're good at something, make sure they pay you for it." Wise words, Mr. Thicke.

Last but not least is J Rome and his duet with Jennifer Nettles. I was waiting all night for some real tears, and I finally got some with Jennifer and J Rome. Jennifer talks about the amazing friendship she's had with J Rome and he couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity Jennifer has given him. There are the tears. The pair sing "Rhythm of the Night," which shows how much more versatile J Rome is as an artist. John and Kelly just can't get any more impressed because there is "nothing he can't do" and Robin loves his big smile and the kindness he shows to everyone. J Rome is a jack of all trades.

Quddus announces Jason Farol as the third place winner before announcing the winner.
The "Duets" champion is ... J Rome!

America chose the most consistent and the most vocally talented winner. Good job, USA! This wasn't too much of a surprise, seeing as this show predicted these results since the beginning, a.k.a keeping J Rome at the "top of the charts."

Well, there we have it, a full season of "Duets." I think the producers did a great job in choosing the superstars because all four of them were entertaining to watch -- and I'm not just talking about their performances. Even as mentors, the four superstars definitely showed personality, humor, and good-natured competition. Let's hope they bring the same four back. Let's hope they bring "Duets" back! Only time will tell -- maybe we'll see how many records J Rome sells.