03/01/2013 08:59 am ET Updated May 01, 2013

Beauty in Simplicity (Video)

When I started designing clothes, my goal was to highlight forms and figures; I never wanted my designs to take away from a woman's natural beauty. With each collection, my creative process balances the minimal mold and the strong woman simultaneously. This is why I am so drawn to a neutral color palette-- I love the way earth tones come to life when worn by a woman whose confidence shines from the inside.

My Spring 2013 collection embodies everything I admire about natural beauty. With this collection, I wanted to draw attention to neutral shades and how powerful they can be when worn by strong women. The pieces have an ethereal, feminine aesthetic with muted hues in variations of nudes, greys and whites. Draping, transparency and layering reveal beauty in simplicity and silhouettes lay against the contours of the body without distracting from a woman's natural figure. The collection feels real: it's wearable and translatable while accentuating the radiant energy women carry within themselves.

To bring the collection to life, I collaborated on a fashion film that captures the power of simplicity. Alongside film director Ellen Frances, the film captures the strength in soft shades through the effortless spirit of its female heroine. In a series of artistically composed vignettes, she manifests each look through movements that reflect the clothes and music. Ellen describes the video as having "a mystical element of nomadic life that ties back to the artistry of the collection." The film completes my vision for the collection. There's a bold femininity in simplicity -- as mysterious as it is demanding.

Check out the Spring 2013 video below, and my website here: