06/07/2012 07:39 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2012

The Philippine Surfer's Paradise Perfect For Non-Surfers (PHOTOS)

Unless you're a serious surfer, you've probably never heard of Catanduanes Island or its world famous surf break, the aptly-named Majestics, some 350 miles southeast of Manila, Philippines. Wave-riders in the know have been frequenting the remote spot since at least the early 80s, particularly during typhoon season from July through December when the big swells come in.

Yet, few international travelers take the time to visit this remote island. While you won't find anything close to five-star amenities, as my wife and I learned when we visited in May (most places don't have air conditioning, satellite TV, or wi-fi), you will discover more than enough to make up for any of the "modern necessities" of daily life on this rugged, stunning, and under-developed paradise.

Paradise Found in Catanduanes Island, Philippines