11/13/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

You Are Style: Women In Media (SLIDESHOW)

The busy women who cover our 24-hour news cycle probably don't pause all that often to contemplate the meaning of personal style. But the very nature of their jobs as journalists embodies elements of our You Are Style project here at the Huffington Post. Last February in a panel addressing journalism majors from minority backgrounds at Colorado State University, Channel 9 News anchor TaRhonda Thomas said, "One of the most important qualities of a journalist is their curiosity. We are storytellers; we bring things to life. Everything can be a story."


Although Thomas was referring to finding the relevant stories of our communities and lives in an external sense, her words also resonate as a new way of approaching the story of our personal style. While women were once the distinct minority in media, they now dominate many television newsrooms and make up 37 percent of newspaper newsroom staffs. Women also account for two-thirds of enrollment in journalism schools across the country. More and more, the voice of our American media is influenced by a greater diversity of perspective.

So what are their stories? How do women in the media define their sense of style? How has media's increasing intimacy and informality affected our newswomen's style choices over the years? In the weeks ahead, You are Style: Women in Media will begin to explore this topic as one aspect of the You Are Style project.