02/14/2011 03:47 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Single's Survival Guide to Valentine's Day

Love, schmove. When you are a couple, Valentine's Day is one of the most exciting days of the year. When you are single, you sometimes want to throw things at those happy couples.

If you are about ready to sit at home, open up the Ben and Jerry's and watch "The Notebook" for the 17th time, I suggest you put down the spoon and chew on this: The one thing we forget is that Valentine's Day is not just about couples -- it is a celebration of love. Even if you are single, there is probably lots of love in your life.

The best strategy for surviving Valentine's Day is take the focus off of you and what you don't have and put it on others and what you have to give. Here are some simple and fun ways to put love back into your Valentine's Day, no significant other needed:

  • Share. Want to make another single friend's day? Create a scrapbook of love. If you think they are fabulous, probably lots of other people do too. Buy a journal or scrapbook and talk to their family, friends, co-workers or anyone who wants to share what is so fantastic about them and why they are so lovable. Create a page for them, add their picture and have them share a share a story. Add your own memories and stories to complete the book. It will make their day and yours!
  • Learn. If you are feeling a little grumpy about love, go out and get inspired. Want to create a truly memorable experience? Grab a video camera and go find the true meaning of Valentine's Day. Spend the afternoon or evening talking to couples of all ages and find out how they met, when they knew they were in love and biggest love lessons for a successful relationship. It is a memory that you can visit for years to come and can share with that special someone when you meet them.
  • Give. Want to give the ultimate gift and one that keeps on giving back? Add up all of the hours that you were planning to wallow on Valentine's Day and volunteer them to your favorite charity or organization that needs all the love it can get. Not only will they appreciate it, but the happy-go-lucky feeling you will get from helping others will make you instantly more attractive. What a win-win, right?