09/07/2012 02:46 pm ET Updated Nov 07, 2012

The Outsourcing of Patt Morrison

In its wisdom, the management of KPCC has decided to outsource local treasure Patt Morrison. For years, KPCC listeners have been blessed with intelligent, topical discussions of local, national and global issues led by award-winning writer and journalist Patt Morrison. Besides interviewing distinguished guests with wit and skill, Patt engages members of the local community in the conversation. The resulting two hours of radio are informative, entertaining and most definitely made in LA.

Now, KPCC wants to replace Patt's distinctive voice with two hours of canned programming from overseas. If KPCC goes through with this ill-considered decision, KPCC listeners should show their support for Patt and their opposition to the outsourcing of local programming by boycotting this foreign import. Tune to another channel or simply turn off your radio from 1-3pm weekdays until KPCC comes to its senses. Between CDs, MP3s, satellite and terrestrial radio, there are innumerable alternatives -- even silence for those so inclined. Anything to show KPCC that we know and appreciate what we have in Patt. Shame on you, KPCC.