12/18/2012 09:43 am ET Updated Feb 17, 2013

Nights at the Museum: Family Lives in Art Gallery (VIDEO)

Artist Omar Sherzad learned about woodworking from his father. When he opened a workshop/gallery in Barcelona, he wanted his own children to learn from his work as well. So he installed beds in the walls.

Today, the family spend every other week sleeping in the gallery space (they alternate with their second home five minutes away). When the beds are put away, the room looks like an open gallery space, but at night it feels like a night in a museum.

"This is a style of life -- to work with your hands and do useful things, and something you integrate in your space and in your day -- the craftwork style of life. It has another vibe when you live with objects with soul. You don't need to have a lot of objects, but some that have soul, this gives you much more." [Sherzad sells his lamps online and designs commissions].

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