06/30/2011 01:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Space Saving Furniture That Transforms One Room Into Two or Three (VIDEO)

At a time when many of us -- due to finances, the environment or increasing urbanization -- are trying to put our homes on a diet, there's one obvious place to cut: our bedrooms.

"The bed is dead", says Ron Barth of Resource Furniture. To Barth, the idea of occupying a room just to house a bed is archaic. So he's selling the alternative.

As we toured his showroom, Barth -- in a move that evoked James Bond -- lightly tapped a bookshelf and it quickly swiveled to reveal a fold down bed. At another stop, he tapped a desk and up it popped- with the computer and desk stuff still upright- to reveal yet another fully-sprung bed.

One shopping spree here and, Barth is right, you could successfully eliminate any evidence of a bed in your home. And without the awkwardness of Murphy Beds. This more modern transforming furniture (much of it designed and made in Italy y Clei) is high style and, thanks to the hydraulics, effortless.

The bed/couch/desk/bookshelf combinations -- mostly designed and made by Clei in Italy -- aren't cheap, but as Barth argues, if you can eliminate a bedroom, it could save you 100 thousand dollars or two.

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