05/03/2012 04:49 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Watch: Airline Exec Builds Observation Tower Treehouse As Tiny Home in Redwoods

Fred Reid has reached the top of his industry -- he's been president of Delta Airlines, CEO of Virgin America, president and CEO of Lufthansa and today he's president of Flexjet -- but when he's not working he has a secret place to escape to: a tiny house on stilts.

His hermitage is a small cabin three stories above the ground. It's not exactly a treehouse since it's not attached to any tree, but it's tucked so tightly between the redwoods it appears a part of the grove.

To design the elevated home -- permitted as an observation tower -- he called upon Scott Constable of Wowhaus who crafted a refuge with only the "luxury of the essential." The House of Tree -- as Reid has dubbed it -- doesn't have plumbing or electricity; instead he relies on kerosene, bottled water and a camping stove.

In this video we visit Reid's West Sonoma "spiritual sanctuary" where Constable takes us for a tour inside the second growth redwood grove and up above in the roughly 200 square foot rustic, crafted home.

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