07/06/2013 04:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kiva Zip Borrower Spotlight: Paper Clouds Apparel

What if your next T-shirt could provide joy and financial support to an individual with special needs? What if that same T-shirt could inspire confidence and a sense of accomplishment for an adult worker with special needs? What if you could instantly own a unique, limited-edition, piece of artwork that just happens to come in your size?

All of this is made possible by Paper Clouds Apparel and we could NOT have done any of this without the help of Thank you to all those Kiva lenders out there helping make business like ours a reality.

Every two weeks Paper Clouds Apparel teams up with a different special needs school or organization. This is done by collecting artwork created by someone with special needs at the school or organization and transferring that art to our shirts and soon-to-be-coming hats and canvas totes. The shirts are sold on our website, For those two weeks we will give 50 percent of the proceeds to the school/organization.

We have received many emails from parents of the children with special needs whose art has been used, and they tell us how this project has completely changed their home life. One mom told us this project "gave her son back his smile." To empower adults with special needs, Paper Clouds Apparel hires these industrious individuals to package ALL of our shirts. As a result, we provide income and a boost of self-esteem for an group that might otherwise not have work. The more you add to your cart, the more adults with special needs we can employ.

Thank you very much to all of you lenders through Kiva who gave us the means to get this project up and running. I hope you will continue to support us, and we look forward to shipping a Paper Clouds Apparel shirt to you.

Check out our profile on Kiva Zip.

You can like us on Facebook at Paper Clouds Apparel and on Twitter at PapercloudsPCA. Have an amazing day!

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