06/19/2013 09:01 am ET Updated Aug 19, 2013

Rebelling Against Erdoğan's Sultanate

Before the 2002 election, Turkey had a very serious economic crisis and people voted for the AKP as a reaction to it. After Mr. Erdoğan became prime minister, he strengthened the AKP and the government, making trouble for potential dissidents and taking aim at Atatürkist, nationalist and dissident columnist, reporters, media moguls, bureaucrats, major businessmen and politicians.

They created a large body of authorized solicitors and these solicitors prosecuted thousands of citizens. Today an estimated 62 journalist are in jail and 140 were jailed and subsequently freed since 2009. Moreover, there are an estimated 207 active and retired soldiers also in jail, including a previous chief-of-staff and three members of parliament elected in 2011. Some people have been in custody for more than five years.

While, on the one hand, Mr. Erdoğan engages in antidemocratic oppression, he also gives charity to the poor to earn their votes. And if that doesn't work, through intimidation, hence his garnering of almost 50 percent in the 2011 election.

With the power of 50 percent, Mr. Erdogan started to behave as owner of the country and declared his dictatorship de facto.

To exemplify that, here are just a few enforcements and statements from Mr. Erdoğan in last few years:

* He prohibited abortion,
* He prohibited national days which are symbol of Ataturk's modern Republic of Turkey.
* He prohibited buying alcohol after 10 pm.
* He commanded people to have at least three children.
* He criticized TV shows and movies he does not like, and threatened producers and artists.
* He defamed the founders of modern Turkey.
* He offends people who are not supporting him by titling them with irritating words.

Also angering to the Turkish people has been his foreign policy with regards to Syria and his negotiations with the PKK.

All these accumulated and blew up for people on the Gazi Park matter. There are civil society organizations opposed to building a shopping mall on the last wooded area in the center of the city. But they proceed with the project, collecting signatures and forming a campaign against the opposition. Mr. Erdoğan, as always, just answered with: "we will do whatever we want to do for Gazi Park."

On the morning of the May 31st at 5 o'clock in the morning, government police forces moved against the protesters staying in Gazi Park with tear gas and chemical pepper spray. Then, many youngsters organized themselves through social media and raided the Gazi Park area. Police became more harsh in response to the increased number of protesters, and protesters continued to increase in numbers do to that police response. After battling for 36 hours, police had to leave the Gazi Park area and an estimated million people marched to Taksim Square (neighbor of GAzi).

Mr. Erdogan's response to these people was to label them as "marauder[s], swag [men]." Protests spread out to all the countryside, hundred thousands of people in big cities of Turkey keep anti-democratic government policies. On the 15th day of the protests 5 people has been killed, 12 people lost one of their eyes by the capsule of tear gas bomb, more than 7000 people injured and more than 100 of them are seriously wounded. 24 youngester arrasted because of their tweets in Izmir city. 49 lawyer arrested who is supporting anti-government protests. Now government started to make investigation about doctors and other sanitarians who make fist aid intervention to injured protestors. Erdoğan still keeps provoking simple citizens by irritating and degrading words. Is it possible all that happens in a democratic regime.

Honorable noncooperation of Turkish intellectuals, proletarians, students, retirees, women and all patriots will not end until Erdogan's fascist sultanate ends!