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All Fall Down: The LeBroning Craze

By Tara Weng for

Kids emulating and even imitating their idols is nothing new. While "planking" is a thing of the past, the latest multimedia blitz might just be putting some enthusiasts' health at risk.

One of the latest viral trends making the rounds these days is called "LeBroning," named after Miami Heat basketball superstar LeBron James, who has a reputation for hitting the ground after just about any injury. The new trend features kids and young adults alike throwing themselves on the ground after minor brushes against another person or thing.

Why It's Not Smart to Hit Your Head on the Ground

What's concerning some is that those featured in many YouTube videos are taking the practice to the next level -- one-upping the next amateur videographer and putting themselves in more dangerous situations and places.

The seemingly goofy and awkward falls can do some damage.

"A spontaneous fall meant for humor can lead to injury," says Massachusetts General Hospital physician Dr. Stephanie Moore. "The body is not constructed to spontaneously contort for a fake fall. Remember Lebron is an athlete, with a strong core and has paramedics 10 feet away on the court," she says.

Whether or not this has the viral and cultural staying power remains to be seen, but the laughs might not be so hardy if the falls lead to serious injury. The days of "Tebowing" seem like a kinder, gentler form of mock flattery.

Want to see Lebroning for yourself? Check this out:

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