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Baby, It's Cold Outside! 8 Indoor Family Fun Activities

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By Dr. Jennifer Powell-Lunder for

Is your family getting cabin fever from the Arctic Blast? Getting cozy with the family is one thing. But being cooped up inside because of the weather can cause even the happiest of homes to experience some angst. With a little thought and ingenuity, though, you can turn your time together into an opportunity to bond and create. Here is a list of 8 quick tips to warm everyone up to each other. Maybe it will spark some new ideas in your family!

1. Bond through baking

There are hundreds of kid-friendly recipes on the Internet. Your efforts will add some warmth and comfort to your home.

2. Declare a "Family Game Day"

Dust off those board games hiding in the toy chest. Now is the time for some stiff competition.

3. Host a moviethon

Invite outside guests to enjoy in the fun. Ask them to supply the popcorn or some other movie time treats to eat.

4. Keep the chill outside the house

When families are cooped up together, things can heat up. Your children look to you to model appropriate reactions. An upbeat attitude can be catchy.

5. A little bit of laughter goes a long way

A good way to keep things comfortable is to encourage lightheartedness. Challenge each family member to tell a funny joke or story.

6. Plan your summer vacation

A good way to keep your mind off the cold weather is to talk about what you will do when it is warm. Call a family meeting to start generating ideas for family fun over the summer.

7. Collaborate on crafts

Ask your kids to help you come up with fun creations. All it takes is some crayons, markers, paper, glue, tape and some odds and ends from around the house. When you ask them to take on the task together, you encourage feelings of self-esteem and competence.

8. Engage in a family competition

While video games are not the best way to engage in hours of play, sometimes an exception can go a long way. Invite your kids to compete in their favorite video game system or online game. Structure the competition into rounds of play and offer prizes for the victors. A team approach is often the most fun-kids versus parents is a good way to build camaraderie between siblings.

It may be cold outside, but when you capitalize on time together, you create a warm and loving environment that could quickly melt away the bad weather blues. Here's to keeping warm and happy.

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