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Lisa Rinna On Beauty, Sex & What Makes Hubby Harry Hamlin Cringe

By Cindy Pearlman KnowMore's Hollywood Insider

They call Lisa Rinna "The Body," and there's no doubt that she's earned that title.

"I think we all know that I'm a workout fanatic," admits the gorgeous 50-year-old "Days of Our Lives" star. "And I'll try anything that's healthy food-wise and diet-wise."

In addition to taking good care of herself, she says that her healthy body is partly thanks to her natural curiosity. "I'm a female Dr. Oz-in-training in my own head," she jokes. "I'm always looking for what makes you feel better."

Some other body beautiful secrets from Lisa:

Indulge in a Korean bath. Like most of us, she likes to get away to a good spa. "I have some secrets like the little Korean baths that I take," she reveals. "I'll just go and chill out and soak in the hot springs and massages."

Do what makes you feel sane. "I do facials and a lot of yoga, which really helps keep me sane and grounded."

Dance it out. "I also take dance classes. I love to take Louis Van Amstel's LaBlast dance class, which is so fun and so freeing," she says.

Know that it's okay to put yourself first. "I think all of us women as mothers, working mothers and wives, tend to not put ourselves first," says Lisa. "We really need to remember our own needs because we have a lot of work to do for the other people in our lives."

According to Lisa, she's always doing something for how she'll feel, not necessarily for how she'll look. "If you feel good then everything else goes much better and then you tend to look good, too."

Lisa isn't just an open book about her beauty secrets. She also dished about sex with us, and her book, The Big, Fun Sexy Sex Book.

She says that she wrote it because anytime we talk about sex, we all cringe because that's how we were brought up. "You're not supposed to talk about it," she says.

"But I like to do things that scare me," she says. "I like to take risks. In my book, Rinnavation that I wrote back in 2008, I really opened up and wrote about losing my sexual desire after having children."

"I got such a response from women thanking me for the help," she says. "They thanked me for being brave enough to talk about it."

So that's why she didn't hesitate when writing her "Sexy" book. "There are so many books on diet and exercise," she says. "We didn't have a book about sex and relationships and how to keep the intimacy. We just don't talk about it. And it does need to be talked about because it's a very important part of a relationship and keeping a lasting marriage."

How did her husband Harry Hamlin feel about her writing that book?

"Well, my husband cringes at just about everything I do to be honest with you," she says with a laugh. "But he married me and he knows the deal," she quips. "I'm very open and very honest about things."

He knows that underneath it all, it's helpful information, says Lisa. "Of course, I don't do anything that would make him feel uncomfortable.

"In the end, he always goes, 'You know what? You did the right thing and you rocked it.'"

Married 16 years and together 20, she laughs when you run the numbers by her.

"That's like 150 years together in Hollywood math," she says."

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