07/02/2014 11:20 am ET Updated Sep 01, 2014

5 Lessons Learned From America's Run at World Cup 2014

The U.S. men's national soccer team got knocked out, but their play on the world stage will not be forgotten.


Here is a handful of takeaway principles for life off the field:

  • Loss ≠ loss. Sometimes, the odds are in your favor and there's a silver lining to a tie, a.k.a. compromise. Like getting a promotion because someone else is dropping out. You play your hardest and see what happens. The Americans advanced despite losing its last game in group play.
  • Stay present. Soccer is one of those low-scoring sports where you have to be on all the time. Goes to show you can't let your game down and you have to be mindful of all tricky angles. Build strength for the long haul; endurance is key - just keep running.
  • Show of support. Having someone cheer for you is powerful, even the bandwagon fans can be uplifting. It's a beautiful thing not being alone when you fall on hard losses. Make posters for your friends if they're doing a marathon for the first time, contribute to a Kickstarter campaign!
  • Defense > Offense. The Belgians showed an aggressive attack method but the U.S. didn't get wiped out because of goalie and newly crowned "Secretary of Defense" Tim Howard. Think about what kind of tactics you use in life and when what works best. Also, analyze what would ESPN or a job recruiter would say about you - what are your stats?
  • Humility is winning. Sure, our goalkeeper may have broken a World Cup record with sweet sixteen saves and become a social media sensation but he's just grateful for the experience with his teammates and looks forward to building his future and America's interest in the sport.

Until World Cup 2018!