04/16/2014 04:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Om in the Time of Lent

I went on a yoga retreat during the Lenten season. and I reflected on finding solace in both practices. One can strengthen the other. Here are five parallelisms from a Catholic yogi:

  1. If you liken the studio to the church, the mat is like the pews and you kneel on both of them. You bring your troubled, silent confessions to the forefront.
  2. There's a certain ritualism to it. Once you know certain steps, you're good for life.
  3. The concepts of being humble, kind and grateful exist in both practices. They are pillars of integrity.
  4. Both meditation and prayer are quiet, personal times with a higher existence watching over you.
  5. A sense of community. You may not know the person next to you but a knowing bond exists between the two of you, because there's an unspoken understanding you're both present for similar reasons.