03/24/2014 03:58 pm ET Updated May 24, 2014

The Men We Date

DUEL via Getty Images

Some of us have certain "types." Call it weaknesses or desirable characteristics. There are physical attributes we tend to lean on, but there are also behaviors we fall into and attract or are attracted to, for better or worse. Here are some stereotypes --

The mama's boy: Sometimes comes across as lazy because everything's been provided for him. He loves strong women.

The bad boy: The rebel in you is attracted to him. Tattoo or two? Why not for a fling.

The bachelor-for-life: He knows what to do to make you swoon, but he still smiles at every other girl.

The workaholic: No time for you, but climbing the ambitious career ladder is kind of sexy.

The nice guy: So kind you almost feel bad about it. He's obvious in his eyes.

The married one: Akin to the construction worker who hoots, this type hollers whenever possible. Flattery all around.

The one: Maybe you have to kiss all of the above to get to this prince. He's a little mix of several stereotypes, or breaks them. He's been waiting for you.. or he doesn't exist at all.