04/25/2014 11:53 am ET Updated Jun 25, 2014

#Thrive With Your Girlfriends

What would you do without your girlfriends?

I always wished I had a sister. I suppose the closest person that came to this was my cousin. I tried to warn her about not following my relationship pitfalls. A similar situation struck her anyways. While we share our own experiences for protective measures, other things we have to experience ourselves. The important thing is we're there during the hard parts. Or at least don't say, "I told you so."

Arianna Huffington calls Mika Brzezinski her little sister. The friendship bloomed after Arianna reached out to Mika during a morning show break when the Morning Joe co-host looked absent. Seven years later, Mika admits she's still not used to taking breaks -- despite Arianna's gentle nudges. But Arianna does not push and the two poke fun at each other, lovingly. What this sisterly bond shows is MIka is thriving at her own pace. Arianna has been preaching meditation, but Mika still hasn't converted. She vows she will take a day off next week though (for no reason)!

Research has shown how important relationships are to well-being. I treasure my time with my girlfriends. I'm grateful they're there to share their lives, give their feedback and hold our hands if need be.

At Third Metric, wellness coach Latham Thomas talks about finding a "sister circle" within your social circles. Often times, we're in our own heads a lot unknowingly. We're critical in front of the mirror. We need to instead look outward and talk it out, bring some girlfriends along with our journey of personal development. There are some things, encouraging and limiting, that we can't see or do on our own.