02/28/2014 12:59 pm ET Updated Apr 30, 2014

Leaning Whichever Way the Winds Blows

I don't lean one way or another. I'm inspired by the extraordinary as well as the ordinary woman -- the executive and the homemaker.

There is room in the Lean In debate. After all, as Sheryl Sandberg wrote in her book:

Shutting down discussion is self-defeating and impedes progress.

There is a wide spectrum that lies within each of us. Sure, if we wanted to we could lean in and keep going non-stop. Or we could as Rosa Brooks suggests, throw back after she came to the conclusion she actually hates Sheryl Sandberg:

If we truly want gender equality, we need to challenge the assumption that more is always better, and the assumption that men don't suffer as much as women when they're exhausted and have no time for family or fun.

I'm glad she was enlightened by trying -- the apparent dislike makes for a great headline but breakthroughs need not breed hate. On the flip side, she could thank Sandberg for letting her see the potential and the pitfall of leaning in and tipping over.

It is good to question following someone else's footsteps but forge our own path along the way. We can applaud the feminism movement for letting us recognize ceilings still exist but we could also be stay-at-home moms if we wish, or someone in between. Women need to stick together and reach out to lend a hand instead of shaking fingers within our subconsciousness.

I have no almighty title like CEO/COO or professor/counselor but I know I am and can be successful in my own right, on my own terms.

I say women, let's lean whichever way the wind blows.