01/27/2012 09:49 am ET Updated Mar 28, 2012

Like & Dislike List for the Week of January 28th

The email and tweets about last week's list were a bit overwhelming, but please keep them coming! I love hearing what's on everyone's list. Without further ado I give you this week's list:


The Giants and the Patriots advance to Super Bowl XLVI

The Patriots and Giants win because of last-second field goals. The Patriots because the Ravens kicker hooked his kick, and the Giants because their kicker made his kick. Both were great games and both featured more goats than heroes, but one thing is clear: This is going to be the most hyped Super Bowl ever. The Patriots want revenge for Super Bowl XLIV when Eli Manning and the Giants shocked the world to beat the previously undefeated Patriots with large help from The Helmet Catch. NBC must be giddy about this outcome. The ratings for both games on Sunday were the highest Championship numbers ever.


The Oscars snubs

From Albert Brooks being left off the Best Supporting Actor list to Bridesmaids not making it to Best Picture, this year's Oscar nominations were a bit shocking! The biggest shock for me: Rango came out in 2011. I fell asleep watching that crap on DVD in the summer! The Academy really didn't care for anything in David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo except for Rooney Mara, which is a shame. I thought it was great. Although, they ignored the Swedish version as well.


Heidi Klum and Seal separate

Nooooooo! If they can't make it then what hope do any of us mere mortals have?! I did not see this one coming. They fooled us all by renewing their vows every year. They looked so perfect together too. Kim and Kris I can handle, but this break up just makes me think monogamy is not natural. Every time I listen to "Kiss from a Rose," I'll cry a little on the inside. Before it was because Batman Forever was incredibly bad, but now for Heidi and Seal. Let's all hope this is all just a publicity stunt for a new Seal album and they get back together soon.


The Oscars Best Picture Category

Yeah, so they snubbed a few fine performances, but overall the Best Picture category is not all bad. If only Drive was in there instead of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Anyway, it's the best group of movies they've had since the Academy expanded the category to 9 films. Its also a great blend of movies I can rent and movies I can watch in the theater this weekend. They even managed to get a 3-D movie in there! I can't wait to see The Dark Knight Rises nominated next year.


Fox's Touch fails to entertain

Tim Kring is on my shit list. Kring created Heroes, which I watched for 2 seasons too many. Touch features Kiefer Sutherland as a journalist turned baggage handler at JFK airport (already annoying) with a seemingly autistic child named Jake who predicts the future. Kinda. The problem with Touch isn't the annoying child actor or the Crash, everyone is connected, crap its that I just don't care what happens next and I don't trust Kring to follow through with a good story. The guy strung me along with Heroes and failed on every level to make that entertaining and I'm still bitter about it. I must say the most eye rolling part of this show is that most unbelievable part of this show is that Jack Bauer is afraid of heights. Acting! Pass.


An Hour of 30 Rock

"Because of you, there will be an Entourage movie!" I love you, Liz Lemon. Well, this was a nice surprise! Not only were we spared from another subpar episode of The Office, we got some killer scene stealing performances from James Madson, Will Arnett, Mankind and the evil Philly Phanatic (was Mr. Met not available that day? They film in Queens!). What I didn't love was a repeat episode of Up All Night right after 30 Rock. That's a typical NBC thing to do. Might want to throw out a new episode of the show since Arnett was heavily featured earlier in the night, guys.

Keep the tweets coming @krislopresto and let me know what made it onto your list for this week and your suggestions for next week.