10/26/2011 03:32 pm ET Updated Dec 26, 2011

Community vs. The New Girl and Other Dream TV Crossovers

DC and Marvel comics have done it (Batman vs. Captain America), shows on the same network have done it (Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, Law & Orders, Two and a Half Men and CSI), but the idea of shows from different networks crossing over had been taboo. Until Cougar Town and Community.

Did you happen to catch the second-season episode of the NBC comedy Community, where Abed talks to Jeff about being an extra on the ABC comedy Cougar Town? It was a surprising nod to a show on another network and was nothing but odd at that moment. Little did we know that the payoff would come months later when Abed (Danny Pudi) popped up as a featured extra during one of the last episodes of Cougar Town. A featured extra is fun gag and all, but why not go full tilt and crossover the casts of your favorite shows for a one of a kind ratings grab? Here are my 5 favorite potential crossovers.

How I Met Your Mother meets Park and Recreation

Premise: Leslie Knope and the gang travel to New York City to rescue Tom (Aziz Anvil) after an Entertainment 720 party goes awry. At the party Tom meets Barney Stinson and becomes his new wing man meanwhile April and Andy got on a double date with Marshall and Lilly.

Why these two? Both shows have a solid ensemble casts, and the series comedy styles would be very interesting together. I'd love to see Ted Mosby talk to the camera about how he is pulling his red cowboy boots off or Ron Swanson showing up in a flashback teaching the gang how to properly whittle.

Gossip Girl meets Law & Order: SVU

Premise: This one would be a weight off the writers' shoulders: Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) is found dead in Central Park and the Upper East Siders are brought in for questioning.

Why these two? The fact that both shows film in NYC notwithstanding, it would be great to see the Gossip Girl cast taken down a peg and spend a night in lock up before posting bail. Plus, it would be fun to see Munch and Tutuola begin to track down exactly who Gossip Girl is only to be called away at the last moment.

Grey's Anatomy meets House

Premise: A patient is brought into the hospital with rare symptoms that baffle the doctors of Seattle Grace. They turn to the legendary Dr. Gregory House who, while diagnosing the mystery illness, meddles in the doctors' personal lives.

Why these two? This is basically the premise to every single House show ever but, having the mean doctor screw around with Miranda Bailey and stir the pot a bit could be a shot in the arm for both floundering series.

The Office meets Modern Family

Premise: The Dunphys take a cross country drive only to get stuck in Scranton and stay at Dwight's beet farm; the office gang is asked to show them a good time.

Why these two? Both shows share the same format of talking to the camera and both are extremely awkward. Plus, critics could point to this moment as the death rattle for The Office.

Community meets The New Girl

Premise: Zooey Deschanel decides to track down some of her ex-boyfriends and that brings her to reconnecting with Joel McHale. Comedy ensues.

Why these two? Zooey Deschanel's Jess is exactly the kind of woman Joel McHale's Jeff Winger would have dated and subsequently dumped because he was put off by her awkwardness. Also, just the idea of Troy and Abed sharing a "Troy and Abed in the Morning" scene with Deschanel has me smiling, while Brita flirting with the guy who takes his shirt off would be comedy gold.

Network TV Crossover Week could work! Besides, it's not like I'm looking for Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow to switch networks here. What do you think? Which two shows would you like to see crossover?

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