03/13/2013 03:54 pm ET Updated May 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Conjures up 4 Crazy Rumors

As if the battle between Samsung and iPhone hasn't gone on long enough, it's looking like the rumors for Samsung's newest device are about really heat things up.

In preparation for Samsung's big day this Thursday, we've been scouring the tech blogs to round-up the craziest rumors for the new Galaxy S4. We even ran our own poll last week, where we asked readers which of the top rumors they thought was the craziest -- and 54 percent of readers voted the "Eye Scroll" technology (surprise, surprise).

Without further ado, here are the top four craziest rumors the new Samsung device has created:

1. Global Phone Potential

Usually, Samsung releases 2 variants of their high-end devices, one with GSM and the other with LTE connectivity. While some blogs say this will still be the case, many others are noting that the new S4 is looking like it'll support both -- so all for one, and one phone for all.

2. Samsung "Eye Scroll"

Changing the page with your eyes? I guess that does sound crazy. But being the most-anticipated feature of the Galaxy S4, this rumor sounds like it may be coming true, as Samsung reportedly filed a U.S. trademark in February for the "Samsung Eye Scroll". Whether it will be for the S4 or a different Samsung device, we'll soon find out if our eyes will become even more glued to our phones than they are now.

3. Wireless Charging

As Digitimes reported, Samsung (and Apple) are expected to include wireless charging technology/capability into their flagship models this year. Using the Qi standards, this might create some betrayal with Samsung's pal, Qualcomm -- but whatever technology will help Samsung stomp on its long-time rival, Apple, is what they'll be going with.

4. It's going to look like this or maybe... this?

Well we know it's going to have a 4.99-inch Super AMOLED display and a crazy 8-core CPU among other spec upgrades, but as far the actual design, I'm betting it'll keep its curves.

Whatever the final outcome is for the Samsung Galaxy S4, I think it's going to be huge for not just Samsung, but the smartphone market as a whole. As a long-time iPhone user, iPad mini-lover, and MacBook Air convert, I can honestly say that I am excited for the release of the S4 -- and might even switch over... ? But don't quote me on it.