05/19/2014 10:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

50 Shades of Karma (No Grey Area Here)


We've got a credit rating for almost every aspect of our lives, but what about our karma? Is your soul in good standing?

Where do you land in the following categories? How would you rate yourself? If you don't like the results, get to work! Because, when we shift, the world shifts with us.

Here are 50 insights and steps to shaping the good karma life you truly desire.


1.) Connect / Disconnect: Refrain from checking your emails, cleaning out your inbox and scouring social media posts while on the phone with (fill in your own blank).

2.) Screen-free: Implement a mobile phone-free (and while we are at it, an all around screen-free) dinner table policy. Pile them all up in the center for a little technology timeout.

3.) Be here now: Be one with the moment -- at dinner, in conversation, while listening to others, most importantly when listening to yourself. Respect your intuition -- it is the voice of your inner compass, your true north. Trust it.

4.) Unplug: In a busy world of perma-connection, we are ironically disconnected by virtue of our electronic devices. Cut loose and be free. Talk face to face or embrace quiet.

5.) Turn off the noise: The anecdote for a hard day -- turn off the noise around you, go weed your garden -- get your hands in the dirt and see what happens. When was the last time you walked barefoot in the grass, had sand between your toes and/or thought about nothing? Breathe. Do you hear the birds? Watch your negative thoughts melt like lemon drops.


6.) Be kind to the earth: It will heal you from the outside in. Get out your recycling bins, plant something, make one conscious choice each day to protect your environment and the world around you.

7.) Celebrate you: Get out the party hats, eat cake and dream big when you blow out your birthday candles. Design your new year and live it the other 364!

8.) Dare to be brilliant: Allow your light to shine. Don't dull yourself down for anyone or anything.

9.) Be authentic: March to the beat of your own drummer. The world needs your voice, not an imitation of another.

10.) No more excuses: Shut down your excuse-making factory -- it's your own personal roadblock standing between you and happy-ever-after.


11.) Breaking bad: Bad habits are meant to be broken.

12.) No attachments: Attachment to outcome ruins the surprise! Be open to what unfolds around you. Believe.

13.) Giving: The get is in the give -- don't be afraid to share -- your money, your time, a kindness, especially when it requires a stretch. You will receive so much more in return. Giving isn't all about $.

14.) Receiving: Allow someone the gift of giving -- receive graciously.


15.) Self-edit: Pause, think, edit before speaking. Less is more -- be mindful and accountable for your words. Being truthful doesn't mean you have to hurt others. Your mother always said, if you have nothing nice to say...

16.) Harness your thoughts: Imagine that your thoughts are magnets for their likeness. Hmmm. What's the cat dragging into your life? A "problem" is only a perception.

17.) Reach: Stretch beyond the preconceived notions that others have of you and that you in turn may have adopted. Refrain from labels and limitations. Yes you can!

18.) No judgment: Don't be so hard on yourself and others. Assumptions and speculation are the stories we write in our head when we don't know the ending.

19.) Gossip free: Gossip = toxic language. It's the junk food of our essence. What may seem appealing at first, will only hurt us in the end. Beware of relishing in other's misfortune. Sticks and stones will break your bones, but toxic language will dull your sparkly self. Be conscious of what you consume.

20.) Forgive: Forgive others and self. It's a heavy load to lug around. But remember, forgiveness doesn't mean you have to do lunch.


21.) Abundance: Money is meant to flow. Honor the movement. Pay your bills with the same eagerness you have when depositing checks. It's an energetic cycle.

22.) Honor: Respect your financial commitments to others.

23.) Balance: Enjoy material possessions, don't be defined by them.


24.) Look around you: Have you found your tribe? Do you like the people you are surrounded by? What does this reflect back at you?

25.) Reciprocity: Do you give what you desire to receive?

26.) Best View: See the best in others. Don't focus on flaws. Shift your perspective.


27.) Body beautiful: Do you honor your God-given vessel or are you taking it all for granted, mindlessly ignoring your self-care?

28.) Nourish: Are you putting premium fuel into your body and supplying it with top-notch servicing -- or do you take better care of your car?

29.) Conscious consumption: Be conscious of what you ingest -- food-wise, energetically, spiritually.

30.) Best Self: Have you met your "Best Self" yet? (if not, why? Where is he/she hiding?)

31.) Listen: Follow your inner compass, that voice you refer to as a "hunch" - is the one you should be paying attention to. You already know your answers. Look inward not outward.

32.) Let go: What's holding you back and holding you down? Let's call this your emotional "junk mail." It's occupying too much real estate. Place in Spam box and delete please.

33.) Just say no: Give yourself permission to say no. Sometimes NO is the right YES for you.

34.) Gift yourself downtime: Allow yourself time to unplug, think nothing, do nothing, or however that translates for you -- a cup of tea and a good book, a walk with your dog, a nap on a hammock.


35.) Carpe Diem: Do you love what you do? Do you jump out of bed ready to seize the day or do you drag your butt to work bound by golden handcuffs and so-called "benefits"?

36.) Identity: Does work define you? Do you define your self worth by your net worth? Carve out time beyond the workday for your family, friends, self. The workload will be there in the morning -- will everyone else? Don't miss the party.

37.) Dream: What makes your soul sing? Are you doing it? Connecting your purpose and passion = unstoppable dynamic duo.


38.) Cast your role: Grab a mirror. You landed here for a reason. Why did you write yourself into this chapter? What opportunity does it provide you?

39.) It's not me, it's me: Place your finger-pointing fingers back in your pockets, be accountable for your actions -- ask yourself what role you may have played in contributing to landing here in this moment. It has a lot to tell you.

40.) Autopilot: Who's driving your bus? Or are you on autopilot aimlessly wandering through life? Do you choose easy or exhilarating?

41.) The Grand Poobah: You are the great and powerful Wizard of Oz of choice-making in your life, so make good ones. That includes: happiness (yes, it's a choice).

42.) Red light / Green light: Open your eyes and look for the signs. They are everywhere -- don't ignore them. Tap in and let them guide you.

43.) Clarity: Be clear with your thoughts and intentions in a guilt-free zone. No self-sabotaging allowed.


44.) No Fear: Fear is a four-letter word that starts with "F." Enough said. Who needs it?

45.) Faith: Another "F" word is FAITH... and Faith Trumps Fear! Which are you going to choose?

46.) Trust: Don't make life decisions from a fear-filled place. Come on, trust yourself!

47.) Brave: Be fearLESS.

48.) Believe: Take stock and stake your claim. Carve out who you want to be. Forget the past. The past is the past and it's looking at your ass. We can't change yesterday. Believe in your ability to make anything happen. This is your life.


49.) Pity-party or bust: What's it going to be? Are you going to blame others for everything or take control of the steering wheel? Get out of your ego's big 'ol-bad-self-way. When you have banged your head enough times on closed doors -- shift and move in another direction. You'll see green lights and open doors ahead!

50.) Complete: If it ended tomorrow -- are you complete with your today? Have you cleaned up your mess, said what you needed to say, let it go, told everyone you love them? If not, what are you waiting for?

50 Shades of Karma take away:
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