03/18/2014 05:28 pm ET Updated May 18, 2014

6 Companies That Will Help You Create Stellar Content

You keep hearing the buzzwords "content marketing", but what does it really mean for your marketing team? It can be anything from non-blogging social media, article posting and in-person events to e-newsletters, case studies, blogs, white papers and webinars/webcasts.
Thankfully, there are growing resources out there to help you take the plunge to create and disseminate new content. Let's look at a few:

Content Creation

If you need help getting started with creating your content, there are several ways to approach the task.

Scripted -- This useful site matches writers to your business project and helps you create the copy you desire, whether it be white papers, blog posts, or e-newsletters. Scripted can also be a helpful resource is you want to create videos.

Contently -- By matching top-notch journalists with companies that want to publish high-caliber content, Contently can give you the edge you need. It also provides editorial management and content marketing software to help you meet your publishing goals. "History shows that brands that tell great, original stories get more sharing, more engaged time with audiences, and increased brand affinity from original content than curated content or advertising," says Shane Snow, Co-founder of Contently. "Contently arms them with the tools and talent to create the kinds of stories that people love."

Freelancers -- Hiring a freelancer to meet your content creation needs can give you increased flexibility and other worthwhile benefits. By working with a freelance copywriter directly, you can usually get a quicker turnaround and a better rate. There's usually not an initial investment up front, either, so you can pay for the work as you go. By establishing a relationship with a freelancer first-hand, you'll soon realize how handy it is to have a person at the ready when you need help right away.

Syndication, Distribution and Measurement

Remember, your goal isn't to just create content; you need to have a distribution plan to spread it beyond your own Facebook and Twitter pages. Here are some useful sites that can help reach new audiences.

Outbrain -- By means of putting links to your content on other sites, this "discovery platform" allows you to syndicate your message so it can reach more people on sites like CNN. Outbrain uses up to 60 different algorithms to analyze user habits. This allows them to show content that users are actually interested in consuming.

NewsCred -- A beautiful marriage of marketing and journalism, NewsCred offers software that serves as a one-stop shop for planning, sourcing, publishing, and measuring your content efforts. It allows users to license articles from more than 4,000 publishers or have original content created by one of its more than 200 freelance writers, photographers, designers or videographers.

Taboola -- A site similar to Outbrain, Taboola allows marketers, agencies and publishers the ability to get users to their sites. In an effort to differentiate itself from other discovery platforms, Taboola offers users the opportunity to customize what they see by vetoing recommended articles. Therefore, if a click is earned, chances are the user will be very engaged.

Publet -- With built-in analytics, Publet lets you create digital publications that will add a touch of flair to your content marketing efforts. Whip up white papers, case studies or magazines that readers can subscribe to or that you can distribute to other channels. You can even collect and analyze data on the behavior of your readers to help you increase engagement and boost sales. "Businesses have to be as good as media companies at creating compelling content," says Michael Coren, CEO and founder of Publet. "As journalists, designers and developers, we designed Publet to be the best platform to create professional digital publications that reach your audience everywhere the web goes."

To get eyes on your content -- and readers who will care about what you have to share -- you need to provide value. By investing in quality content and devising a distribution plan, you will soon be able to create relationships with new consumers and strengthen ties with your current customer base.