01/10/2013 08:13 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2013

Pilates Arm Workout You Can Do Anywhere and Anytime!

Many of us think of Pilates as primarily an ab sculpting core workout, but Pilates is great for toning the entire body. I personally love some of Joseph Pilates' arm exercises; they're easy to remember (fun names), they work all angles of the arms, you can get benefits with or without using weights (if you use weights, opt for light ones -- 3 pounds), and they strengthen our core, lower back, legs and posture at the same time.

This Pilates-inspired arm workout can be done in your home, at your office or in your hotel room. You can also add this to the end of your Pilates mat workout, cardio workout or gym routine. Remind yourself of the Pilates principles when performing each move: use control, concentrate on every movement, initiate from your center, be fluid in your movements, use your breath and be precise.

Go through this 10-minute routine one to three times and try to add it to your workout a few days a week. You'll be on your way to some sexy, sleek, sculpted arms by spring time!

Pilates Arm Workout

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