01/25/2012 01:16 pm ET Updated Mar 26, 2012

Traveling Around The World

With an economy-centered State of the Union address and a fiery Republican primary campaign at full throttle, American politics is quite alive. But, how is it perceived abroad? How is the news reported? How will the U.S. presidential campaign be covered internationally? These are important questions that I will have the fortunate opportunity to experience (and hopefully answer) while traveling around the world for the next few months.

As a die-hard politico who has traveled the campaign trail and done time on Capitol Hill, it was a hard decision to leave my firm after two years to take some time off to travel around the world. I love to travel -- and there are so many places that didn't even make the list of this adventure's itinerary. My adventure, Crossing the Dateline (special thanks to @chadhyett), will take me on seven different airlines across 38,000 miles, visiting nine cities on seven continents.

While crossing the dateline on the first leg of my journey, I will then make my way west through Asia, down to South Africa, back up north through Eastern Europe into Russia, then across Scandinavia and back through Western Europe before ending my trip where it begins in Washington, D.C.

I look forward to chronicling this experience by blogging here and elsewhere, posting pictures, providing some history and culture -- and sharing this experience with everyone. To check in with my travels, feel free to follow me @kriseisenla and send me notes along the way. Stay tuned: The adventure begins February 15.