12/14/2012 11:43 am ET Updated Feb 13, 2013

Top 5 Places to Propose in NYC Over the Holidays

Take it from us, two girls with Midwestern roots, big city dreams and a passion for marriage proposals: there is no better place to fall in love, be in love and ask the one you love to be together forever than in New York City.

While it may take some creativity to truly see the beauty in the sidewalks and subways, the magic of New York City is undeniable and especially extraordinary during the holiday season. As such, we've rounded up of the top five places to propose in NYC during this time of year -- for the diehard Yankees and "I heart NY" toting-tourists alike

5. Plaza of the Palace Hotel on Madison Avenue

Why we love it: The hotel, located at 455 Madison Avenue and steps from St. Patrick's Cathedral and Rockefeller Center, is among the most iconic plazas in New York. While the hotel boasts luxurious rooms, stunning views and one of the most luxurious experiences at any time of the year, the plaza entrance to the hotel dazzles as bright as any fairy tale love story and is picture perfect for popping the question.

Who's this for: "Gossip Girl" fans, Catholics (St. Patrick's is next door to pray away the last minute jitters) and exhibitionists.

What to watch out for: The plaza itself may be free to visit, but the hotel will cost you. Set a budget and buddy up with the concierge in advance and let them in on your grand plan. While they won't be able to foot the bill, a complimentary upgrade to your suite or bottle of bubbly in the room will ease the pain and add to the excitement.

4. Washington Square Park

Why we love it: Formerly a marsh, a cemetery, a parade ground and at one point, a cesspool, Washington Square Park is now the ultimate gathering spot for artists, students, pigeon enthusiasts, pianists and anyone in love. The newly-renovated park and classic Washington Arch provide a perfect setting for anyone willing to publicly display their love and affection. Aside from the towering Christmas tree and thousands of lights, proposing underneath the historic Washington Arch with the accompanying orchestra you've hired will really create a once in a lifetime proposal.

Who's this for: Beatniks, presidential buffs, chess players and students.

What to watch out for: Pigeons be damned! Don't be fooled by their glistening, purple necks. These are rats with wings and will only add poo to your proposal.

3. The Holiday Window Display at Saks Fifth Avenue

Why we love it: The red velvet ropes and endless lines outside of Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store won't guarantee a new pair of Louboutins, but they will lead you to Snowflake Spectacular, also known as the world famous holiday window display that graces New York's best known department store. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, life-sized creatures and a beautiful soundtrack, the windows tell a beautiful story that also serves as a set for a unique proposal. Feel like getting extra festive? Contact the folks over at Saks to tell them about your plan and see if they'll sneak you in the last window to pop the question.

Who's this for: 99.9 percent of women, 100 percent of gay men, shopping addicts and recovering shopping addicts.

Watch out for: Tourists and, of course, your credit card. Separately these can both wreak havoc in a proposal scenario, but are ultimately a recipe for disaster if you get a tourist who steals your card.

2. Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Why we love it: This restored historic carousel from 1922, now named Jane's Carousel, sits in Brooklyn Bridge Park, a stunning, special space between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. While it may look like a translucent jewel box from South Street Seaport, the carousel itself offers picturesque views of the city. Hoping for a bit of privacy? After your romantic ride, take a walk around the park and propose with hot chocolate and a cashmere throw on the waterfront.

Who's this for: Equestrians, Brooklyn residents, circus lovers and anyone named Jane.

Watch out for: Babies, nausea and motion sickness. Make sure your sweetie has a strong stomach or wait until the carousel comes to a complete stop to avoid a sticky situation.

1. Metropolitan Museum of Art, "'Faking It:' Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop" Exhibit

Why we love it: With countless world-class collections all under one New York City roof, any room in the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 5th Avenue provides a suitable and impressive background for a proposal. Yet for those looking to take it one step further, we recommend piggybacking your proposal on one of The Met's many amazing exhibits. "Faking It," which is open through January 27, boasts miraculously manipulated photographs long before Photoshop was conceived. Add your own photo to the collection by manipulating a photo of you proposing to your love and showing it to her on the spot.

Who's this for: Graphic designers, art history majors and real New Yorkers.

Watch out for: Pesky security guards. Your question is likely to cause some kind of squeal or cry when you pop the question. Just make sure you hear the word "Yes!" before getting off one knee and being escorted from the museum.

Still looking? Here are a few bonus proposal spots: Gapstow Bridge in Central Park, The Cloisters, the ice-skating rink at Rockefeller Center, and anywhere outside with Christmas music and hot cider will always do the trick.