11/05/2012 04:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"Just Say NO" for President - A Buckminster Fuller Perspective on Voting

"Politics are obsolete, if not lethal." - Buckminster Fuller

Given the state of our union and the fact that "we the people" only get to vote on how our country will be run about once every other year, it seems reasonable to consider some "thinking outside of the box" options that would provide us with more input and power. After all, it's our tax money that politicians are playing with, so why can't "we the people" have a greater say in how it is allocated and what policies and programs are funded?

Bucky Fuller started considering these and other systemic problems in 1927, long before they were popular or of interest. Accordingly, the perspective of the man commonly known as the Leonardo da Vinci of the 20th Century is important if not critical to the survival and success of all humankind.

Bucky made it clear that our current political system is obsolete and needs to be replaced by something that is more in tune with our massive technological achievements. When asked if he voted, Bucky adamantly replied,

"Of course not. I'm completely apolitical."

This stance reflected in his belief that our political system was too outdated to be reliable or repaired and that he did not want politicians to feel that they had his support. He demonstrated his position by simply refusing to vote and being quite vocal about his position. That is not to say that he was unpatriotic. He had served in the U.S. Navy during World War I, and he was an adamant supporter of the United States as the place where all the world's people and technologies came together in support of the success of all humankind. He also realized that we have entered a period in which we must realize that we are a global citizenry and that no nation can dictate policies for the entire world.

This was a position he held until his death in 1983, and he also offered tangible solutions to the issue of governance and transitioning into a unified global citizenry. His primary response to those who championed the current system was the use of technology, and he believed that we could implement a system that could determine the desires of the majority of our population on a particular issue at any given moment without anyone having to do anything. This was a kind of global mind reading that may be possible in the future, but there are other possibilities that are viable right now.

We currently have a marvelous infrastructure for taking the pulse of the people. At a time when we can electronically vote to determine who wins the latest TV reality show, why can't we vote to decide if our tax money will be spent on teachers or bombers, on health care or on battleships and on housing or invading another country?

With this type of direct voting system in place, we will no longer have to elect representatives to govern for us. "We the people" could have a true democracy with out wishes being carried out by the best-paid administrators we can hire. It's not complicated if the small portion of people in power (politicians on the surface and big business people behind the scenes) will step aside and allow us all to succeed.

Another option, if we can't take that step into a true democracy, would be the "just say NO, thank you" alternative. This would require a Constitutional amendment stating that any election between people must include a box at the bottom offering "NONE OF THE ABOVE."

If "NONE OF THE ABOVE" wins the election, another election must take place with none of in the previous candidates allowed to run. In other words, we have a do over without the rejected candidates. This will eliminate the commonly heard complaint, "I didn't really want to vote for anyone running, so I voted for the least offensive candidate."

Using this system, we will eventually reach a place where no candidate running is actually seeking the job, and then we would have the citizen run government that our founders sought to create. No longer would professional politicians making huge sums of money be running things. No longer would big business be able to pull the strings of those we elect. And no longer will the few billionaires who can afford to buy whatever they want trump "we the people".

"Now is the time and we are the people" is a phrase that echoes the true nature of our causes and desires. It's time to follow in Bucky Fuller's footsteps and create a "Just say NO" option on every ballot. And here's Bucky himself talking about how we all make a difference and can create his vision of "a world that works for everyone."