05/25/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Snake Pit

Angry white fools
Hurl slurs and insults
Like old dull tools
With the unintended results

Of exposing so proudly
Just what they represent
Vigorously and loudly
Spewing violent dissent

From a system that struggles
To help society
Cope with its troubles
And the faux piety

Of the spoiled and coddled
Who mistakenly see
A policy modeled
To destroy their liberty

Raw hatred abounds
For those not disposed
To heed the sounds
Or drink from the hose

Connected to a well
Filled with toxic waste
Dispensing a foul smell
And numbing the taste

Of patriots who have fought
For freedom and choice
And hopefully sought
To forever give voice

To the different and unique
And those who would not
Mindlessly critique
Such a strange lot

But the loudest reject
A mosaic so bright
And forcefully protect
What they feel is right

Good sense and civility disappear
No time to think
Reason replaces fear
Which drives us to the brink

Where the snakes all gather
As if they believe
Their propagandist blather
Don't tread on me.