10/01/2007 04:46 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gay Dems 'Come out of the closet'

The National Stonewall Democrats is the national organization representing LGBT Democratic activists throughout the nation. Ever heard of 'em?

They're making a splash with their new website. It's a direct challenge to the Democratic Leadership in Congress, who has substituted a fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act bill with one who leaves an entire class of people behind.

Historically, Stonewall has worked within the Party structure to achieve education, inclusiveness, and progress on behalf of equal rights. That is another way of saying that they've never been willing to rock the boat or oppose the Party.

Now, under a new generation of leadership, New executive Director Jon Hoadley is taking the reins armed with passion and knowledge of the new media and online organizing. Perhaps we should call it Stonewall Dems 2.0! is a creative way to highlight the issue. It really does fly in the face of the Leadership, who is used to Stonewall Democrats backing them up as any other loyal constituency might. However, some things are more important than loyalty to Party Leadership -- things like equal justice under the law.

That's why urges Congress to accept no cheap substitute for employment protections for all Americans. No person should be fired because of the color of their skin, their gender, their religion, their national origin, their ethnicity, their disability.....nor should they be fired based on their sexual orientation or their gender identity.

It's a basic concept of equality for American citizens. Please go to and sign up to urge Congress to include all people in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.