08/04/2007 08:04 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Here is your mirror...

Read the below article snip and tell me which country you think this is describing:

"[Blank] has approved a new law allowing the security services to intercept postal, internet and telephone communications. The law also establishes a state-run communications monitoring centre.

Officials say the new law is meant to provide security and prevent crime but critics say it is aimed at stifling opposition [to the President]. [Blank Country] is undergoing an economic crisis with hyper-inflation, fuel and food shortages and high unemployment."

Sounds like the US, does it not? Does the part about "allowing security services to intercept postal, internet, and telephone communications," make you feel safer, since the leadership is claiming it will make the public more secure?

A Mirror for Conservatives:

If you said yes, you feel safer (and you are likely either in need of medical care or are a neo-fascist "Conservative"), congratulations, you are now officially a citizen of Zimbabwe under the dictatorship of dictator Roberto Mugabe:

"Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has approved a new law allowing the security services to intercept postal, internet and telephone communications."

If you are a "Conservative" then pack your bags, because not only will you be "safer" but you will also get the following almost all-American services and programs:

-The right wing dictatorship in control hates gays too.

So you know these folks won't be passing legislation granting marriage rights to same-sex couples. They love the bible, love guns, and hate gays. Sound like heaven yet?

-The right wing dictatorship in control steals elections too:

"Mugabe defeated Tsvangirai by 56.2% to 41.9% amid violence and the prevention of large numbers of citizens in urban areas from voting. The conduct of the elections was widely viewed internationally as having been manipulated."

Sound familiar? Remember all of those African American voters standing in line for up to 11 hours in Ohio? How about those college students who also stood in line for up to 11 hours? Or how about the poor standing in line for hours and hours while their rich and/or white counterparts had a 20 minutes wait? Support that type of election do you? Don't like it when people different from you get access to voting machines? Like the idea better of innocent Americans being listed as felons (Democrats), stopped by police officers ONLY in Democratic areas, not provided with enough machines, and so forth? Well, welcome to Zimbabwe, where the right wing makes sure to never allow the wrong kind of people to vote.

-The right wing dictatorship in control hates freedom of the press too:

" The octogenarian Mugabe, one of world's oldest rulers, was hailed when he came to power as a "liberator" comparable with Nelson Mandela but these days he tolerates no criticism. His regime's "slum clearance" targets opposition strongholds and made 700,000 people homeless in 2005, but he describes it as a public health operation. The 2002 information law introduced strict monitoring of the media and is used to combat supposed foreign subversion. The 2003 ban on the country's most popular newspaper, the Daily News, was described by Mugabe as simply a bureaucratic move."

Sound familiar? Now you can have Fox on every channel and those damn treasonous journalists will be put in their place too.

-The right wing dictatorship in control hates human rights too:

"There is overwhelming evidence that Mugabe's government has committed other crimes against humanity, including imprisonment, rape, abduction and torture."

Sound familiar? See torture works for Zimbabwe, just like it does for every other repressive regime. Oh wait, the US only tortures terrorists, right? And you know this how?

So now with the passage of the Senate FISA Bush-dictatorship- plan, we are that much closer to achieving the kind of freedom that citizens of Zimbabwe have. Are you proud?