01/18/2006 02:59 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Incitatus for Senate

The pantomime of US democracy - current version either marching or standing still somewhere - would be funny if it were not so drastically and horrifically affecting our lives. If there was any doubt that the electorate is nothing more than a distant cacophony playing in the background like elevator music no one listens to, then the Alito confirmation hearings are the proof in the proverbial pudding.

Welcome finally to the government of the absurd, a new form of Western theatrics and acrobatics, where the elected body of Congress walks around in circles muttering something about something and the dictator runs wild - with glee- in his lust for world domination.

How else does one justify or even attempt to explain the absolute hypocrisy and mutual masturbation of the Alito hearings?

If you were asked to list the priorities that are the most urgent and dire this nation is facing, where would you insert the Alito nomination? Would it be a, say, number three in the scheme of things, a five, what?

Consider that Sandra Day O'Connor has stated that she will keep the seat warm until a suitable replacement is found. Now where would you slot Alito's nomination in order of priority?

But really, why even bother with debating the confirmation of a man to the highest legal body in the nation when the person who nominated him, the President of the United States, not only publicly admitted to breaking federal law (NSA Spying), but also vowed to continue doing it?

Why even bother wasting the precious time Congress has in between the many vacations, holiday breaks, and recesses that we pay for to consider this a topic worthy of debate when the person in question - Alito - believes in a dictatorial Executive Branch, where a body such as the US Senate would be rendered obsolete?

For a Congress claiming to have been misled into war, why on earth would anyone consider discussing the professional future of Judge Alito, who believes that the President can go to war without the approval of Congress, even after the President has already misled Congress and the nation into one war?

Why bother, really, why bother with such trivialities and public displays? Are they for the masses as somehow proof of a functioning and responsible body of government?

There is no need for such performances, so duplicitously choreographed and even scripted to include a female lead ready to cry at just the right time. The masses have long since given up all hope that they are represented by anyone in earnest.

We have after all witnessed an entire legislative body:

-Pass the un-Constitutional Patriot Act without having read it first (minus one rational voice). See HERE

-Vote for the invasion of a sovereign nation that posed no threat to us, and did so based on fabricated evidence so obvious that it took the IAEA all of a few hours to discredit it (and don't even get me started on the aluminum tubes garbage!). (see HERE) and (HERE) and (HERE)
and (HERE)

-Think nothing of $8.8 billion in US taxpayer funds gone "missing" in Iraq

-See no problem in pimping itself out to the highest bidder

-Pass the Real ID Act, which they also did not read thanks to SOME and which the MSM spun as important to national security

These are but a few examples of a Congress completely disinterested in the needs of its constituents or the nation as a whole. This is the same Senate that will decide the lifetime appointment of a man and entrust him with the guardianship of the Constitution? No, this body is not fit to decide such things and the nominee is not fit for the nomination. More importantly, a President who sees the Constitution as just a "piece of paper" is not fit to nominate anyone for anything at anytime.

So there is no need for the theatrics or face time on C-Span. The only need is for a body to replace the void left by a compromised legislative branch which swears allegiance to everything and everyone but the very people they are to represent. The reign of absurdity is well on its way. If JFK was the age of Camelot, then George W. Bush (Dick Cheney) is the age of gross neglect, incompetence, corruption, criminality, but above all, treason. In this context, the body of Congress is nothing more than a string quartet.