10/30/2006 08:42 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Florian Sokolowski, Coward

If you caught the Stephanie Miller show today, you probably heard her chat with the fellow who sent her a death threat (Brad"s Blog has posted up a copy of the letter). The coward is an elderly gent, Florian A. "Sock" Sokolowski. His letter lists Centerville, Ohio as an address but apparently he lives in Dayton. This clown apparently was trained in the Dick Cheney School of word parsing, because he insists he did not threaten to kill her, but here is what he wrote:

As with Cindy Sheehan the best thing that could happen to you would be seeing some WONDERFUL activist sticking an AK-47 up your Glory Holes and sending you into eternity.

What is it with these closeted Republican homosexuals? Pent up rage? They are obsessed with glory holes and pages.

But wait, there is more. Stephanie called him up and he willingly got on the phone. Here's what he had to say (mp3 link).

Florian "the Sock Puppet" Sokolowski, fancies himself a political activist. He wrote the following letter to the editor last year:

DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, PROGRESSIVES, leftists, whatever they wish to be called, view a glass as half empty and wallow in negativity and pessimism while Republicans, conservatives, rightists, our preferred designations, see a glass as half full and look for positivity and optimism, a distinction that becomes obvious when comparing the dual agendas of our parties.

Having returned to Ohio after 10 plus years in the Sunshine State I look forward to resuming a hobby that worked well in Florida i.e., recruiting potential first-time voters, young people as well as oldies to the Republican Party. Obviously, both states are very pivotal in federal elections and, hopefully, both will remain a flaming red.

I personally have found that young people particularly, but others, too, prefer optimism, especially in dark times, and, therefore, opt for the glass half full choice as regards their candidates for president as well as lesser offices.

As proven in the Bush v. Kerry presidential race, they want the candidates to offer their agenda for the nation rather than simply hate and venom for the opposition. They want to consider alternatives on a range of issues, but all the left offered was a hatred toward our president while George W. Bush offered his plans for the country. Approve or disapprove of what was presented, the right exhibited plans for consideration while the left did not.

Conservatism must win the political wars being fought and those to come. The future, the successful futures of our children and, in my case, too, our grandchildren depend on our being the ultimate victors.


Dayton Daily News, 25 June 2005

Florida authorities may want to go back and make sure that Sokolowski is not a Mark Foley type of Republican. A guy this angry surely has some repressed sexuality. Let's hope he didn't molest any children in Florida in his zeal to recruit new voters.

After a Democratic victory in the House, and maybe the Senate, perhaps the Sock Man will have a chance to get back on his blood pressure medicine, lay off the viagra, and realize that the Democrats won't cut off his social security or throw his ass into Guantanamo. He's a nasty, small minded man. He claims that Democrats are vessels of hate, but after reading the poisonous, vile trash that he put on paper, Sock Sokolowski needs to have a good face-to-face with himself in his own mirror. That's where you'll find the hate and venom Socks.

-No Quarter