05/01/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Democrats Need To Stop Fretting and Make The Case for Agenda

As the debate on health care and other issues drawn on, much attention has been on Democrats in swing districts and whether they will vote to support the Democratic Agenda. Spurred on by the Tea Partiers and the hijacking of town hall meetings, these Democrats believe that voting for health care reform will doom their chances. The believe Republlican rhetoric that most people do not support health care reform. This is of course dead wrong.

The problem is that the disinformation campaign of the Republicans is making more headway than the information campaign of the Democrats. If people are polled on whether the health care system is broken and needs to be improved, the answer is an overwhelming yes. Republicans break it down into smaller issues and create untruths like health care reform being a government takeover to inflame passions and turn public opinion away from the big picture.

The bottom line is that without comprehensive reform, the increasing costs of health could threaten to bankrupt our country. With continued double digit increases, health care costs are eating up an increasing piece of the American pie. The New York Times' excellent piece on February 28th, points out that if the Clinton Health Care reforms had passed Americans would be saving half a trillon dollars a year. This number would just go up if nothing comprehensive is done now. The case is simple and Democrats have to boldly make it. Members of Congress in swing districts know the Democrats are right on health care, they need to stop fretting and explain it. They must explain that the Republicans are not going to compromise, that they are not in favor of passing health care reform and they will obstruct until they stop it. They must explain that the Republicans do not care if people continue to pay more for health care or cannot get it. They must be proud and explain that the only way to keep health care affordable and accessible is the Democratic plan. People respect leaders who they feel they can trust to be on their side. For two many years the Republican disinformation machine has made it seem they are that party. Democrats have worked to sound like Republicans instead of like Democrats. They must explain that the Democratic agenda is the agenda that will help the average American and that will lead to strong candidates and healthy victories.

It is encouraging that President Obama and Congressional Democrats are finally seeing the light. They have realized that bipartisanship is not going to happen with this group of Republicans. Whether it is health care, obstructing appointments, or a Jim Bunning filibuster, the Democrats are beginning to call out the Republicans and demand action on important issues. It is about time!!! No more fretting, strength leads to winning. Be proud, we are right on the issues and will help America when our agenda passes.