12/10/2013 11:53 am ET Updated Feb 09, 2014

Like With E-Z Pass Obamacare's Problems Should Be Forgotten

If you remember when E-Z Pass and other automated payment systems were introduced to the nation's toll plazas, you remember the chaos that ensued. Long lines at toll stations, delays and confusion led to pronouncements of doom for the new system. By now, E-Z pass has become a part of everyday life and considered essential to most highway drivers. The early problems of the system have been forgotten.

I predict the same will happen for Obamacare. The rollout in October was a disaster no doubt. However the initial kinks of the website have been worked out and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, have at least begun the process of signing up for affordable health care. When all aspects of the site are working and people can easily use the health care exchanges, using the Obamacare website will become second nature and people will wonder how they lived without it. This will be the only way they will get health insurance and all with a few clicks of a mouse. As someone who gets health care through an exchange I know how easy it can be. Once Americans are getting health care through Obamacare, they'll forget about the early problems with the program. Like E-Z Pass, Obamacare will be an essential part of life for most Americans.

Of course this rosy future depends on all aspects of websites working. This is the task before President Obama and his team. Obamacare will be the major part of the President's legacy and if it works it will help millions of Americans afford health insurance. It makes sense and it should work, the President's legacy depends on it.