05/25/2010 06:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Facebook CEO to Announce New Privacy Controls Wednesday Morning

Journalists have been invited to an event at Facebook headquarters on Wednesday where, according to the press invite, "Mark Zuckerberg and other senior executives from Facebook will discuss details regarding enhanced, simpler privacy controls."

This comes on the heels of an op-ed piece that Zuckerberg wrote for Monday's Washington Post where he acknowledged that "There needs to be a simpler way to control your information."

In an e-mail to blogger Robert Scoble, Zuckerberg further admitted, "I know we've made a bunch of mistakes, but my hope at the end of this is that the service ends up in a better place and that people understand that our intentions are in the right place and we respond to the feedback from the people we serve."

Zuckerberg has been responding to criticisms about changes in the company's privacy policies that many people have labeled as not only sharing too much information but being too complicated. Facebook will reportedly offer a more simplified set of privacy controls which, unlike the status quo, doesn't require a user manual or a video (like the one I did last week which you can view below) for average people to figure out.