01/24/2012 06:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Original 1969 Berkeley People's Park Leaflets Found

One of several People's Park leaflets unearthed after 43 years.

Back in 1969 I was a senior at U.C. Berkeley and a member of the People's Park Negotiating Committee. My role was to help write and print the leaflets that were used to call people to demonstrations and inform them of the status of the Park.

The Gestetner mimeograph machine was at my house, along with a scanner (new at the time) that allowed us to create mimeograph stencils from original layouts. I kept the original layouts in a box that was misplaced, but just unearthed when my wife cleaned up a storage room.

These aren't leaflets, but actual camera-ready-copy that were used to create the leaflets, My plan is to donate them to a museum or a library (suggestions are welcome) but, in the mean time, I thought people might enjoy looking at them. They were typed on my Smith Corona electric typewriter and, for headlines, I used press-on letters.

The "negotiating committee" was the student and community group that organized the demonstrations and attempted to negotiate with the University of California about the fate of this 2.8 acre piece of land that the University wanted to turn into a parking lot. For more, see this on Wikipedia.