06/01/2010 12:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Videos on Using Facebook's New Privacy Settings

Last week Facebook announced changes to its privacy settings that are designed to make things a lot "simpler." There is indeed a new page of simplified settings but users who want to tweak their settings can take things a lot further by using the customization features.

One of the problems with Facebook privacy is that the company has changed policies and settings several times in the last couple of years but, In an interview, Facebook CEO told me that the company doesn't plan to make any additional changes in the foreseeable future.

Two new videos

In an effort to shed light on how to use the new settings, I created two new videos on behalf of The first one focuses on Facebook's New Simplified Privacy Settings while the second is on how to use Facebook's granular privacy settings that give you a great deal more control over who can see what, including the ability to customize access to individual content and create lists of friends that get (or don't get) specific content.

If you wish to see the second video, please scroll down below the first one:

Facebook's New Simplified Privacy Settings Granular Facebook Privacy Settings: Customizing Who Can See What