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Astrology: Round #2 of the Presidential Debate

Last night at Hofstra University, viewers saw a heated, exciting and contentious debate between Romney and Obama. For boxing fans, it was the political version of the famous boxing battle between Ali and Frazier, known as the "Thrilla in Manila." Let's take an Astrological look at what happened at this debate and what you can expect during the final debate on Oct. 22.

But first, on Oct. 5, I gave this astrological forecast of what would happen at the second Romney-Obama debate. Let's review what I said:

What Lies Ahead in the 2nd Romney-Obama Debate?

  • Expect the gloves to come off at the next presidential debate. President Obama goes on the offensive and will come out swinging realizing that he is no longer in the lead.
  • If he goes on the attack exposing Romney's weaknesses such as his time at Bain Capital, his 47 percent gaffe, and his blatant dishonesty "with a distinguished record of flip-flopping," on issues -- Romney will become flustered, misspeak and make off-the-cuff remarks that will be expose his true beliefs.
  • They will both clash on the debate stage with each candidate throwing mean "verbal" punches at the other. Expect fireworks, even dirty tactics, and a huge battle between the two of them for "control" of the debate.

Last Night's Debate -- Analysis

The gloves did, indeed come off. Obama came out to fight. His astrology obliged. He was forceful, articulate and a "solid-puncher" when he needed to be. He was clearly ready and prepared to go the full 10 rounds (90 minutes) carefully throwing "verbal" punches at Romney in an effort to win back the support he lost because of his poor showing at the first debate when he was knocked out in the fifth round.

Last night President Obama had lots of positive astrology supporting his efforts to emerge as the winner. Planetary combinations of Mars and Pluto and Moon and Mercury worked in his favor, giving him the ability to be dynamic, aggressive and express his emotions when he needed to.

The result was a calculated effort to pummel Romney throughout the debate. Debate viewers saw him become indignant and emotionally upset during their heated exchange about the four deaths at the Libyan embassy. In fact, Obama looked at Romney and let him know that politicizing the terrorist attack was "offensive." He, then gave Romney a shot to the chin telling the audience: "Romney doesn't have a 5-point plan... he has a 1-point plan" to benefit the wealthiest. Obama delivered more blows that exposed the huge contrast between them. e reminded viewers of Romney's comments on 60 Minutes, when he was asked, "Is it fair that somebody like you, making $20 million a year, paid a lower tax rate than a nurse or bus driver, making $50,000 a year?" Romney said, "Yes, I think that's fair." With that verbal punch, viewers saw Romney hit the canvas and go down for a 6-count, before getting back up.

Romney's astrology featured a very strong Mars-Mars combination, which resulted in him being extremely aggressive and combative; making sure to stand up to Obama; going toe-to-toe each time he felt that Obama misstated his position. But Romney's best punch of the night was reminding everyone of the 23 million people unemployed. However, that punch lost its effectiveness against Obama, as he continued to repeat the same comment as if he was a pre-programmed,"robo-politician." At times, Romney sounded like an aggressive salesman who was pushing for the "order," without having properly explained to the customer why they should buy the product. Other than his 5-point plan, he lacked facts or detailed proposals to support most of his positions.

Both candidates exhibited their anger and dislike for the other. At the last debate there was only one opponent in the ring. In this debate was saw an energized, agitated Barack Obama climb in the ring, punching and counter-punching from the opening bell. He took some blows from Romney, but he clearly delivered some punishing verbal blows exposing Romney's vague plans and positions, hardly making him sound like a champion of the middle class.

The Winner of Debate #2

The winner was your candidate, because you are sure he was the winner. However, "undecided" voters were likely to be influenced in favor of Obama after last night's debate.

For the most part, Romney did a good job expressing his points and answering some of the bigger punches thrown at them. But while he delivered a big verbal punch to Obama's chin, in mentioning how the gas price had gone from $1.80 to over $4.00 a gallon, he looked like a tired challenger, repeatedly talking about the 23 million people who are unemployed. His comment that he was the "job-creator," was counter punched with Obama painting him him as the "job out-sourcer" to China.

Obama appeared to win on a TKO (i.e. technical knock out) based on the fact that he took every opportunity to remind the audience of many of Romney's gaffes from the famous "47 percent gaffe," to Romney's comment on immigration where he mentioned "self-deportation." He drew many clear distinctions between the vast differences in how they each would govern the country.

What Lies Ahead in the Final Romney-Obama Debate on October 22nd ?

Obama's Astrology

Obama in his final re-match with Romney, has some favorable planetary aspects (Mercury/Saturn/Uranus + Mars/Sun + Sun/Venus + Venus) that will aid him next Monday. They suggest that he will be very aggressive and be ready to "take off the gloves" and go "bare-knuckle" if he is the least bit provoked. He will stay aggressive and go for knockout punches all night, at any time during the 90-minute debate.

Romney's Astrology

Romney will come to this last debate fight ready to rumble again, but his astrology is much more negative, with more stressful planetary aspects (Mars/Pluto + Moon/Pluto + Saturn/Saturn) that put him at a disadvantage. They suggest that he may lose control of his temper and composure. He will continue to go toe-to-toe with Obama. But he will need to be careful of misspeaking; or, being over repetitious as he was in the 2nd debate.

Final Debate Outcome

  • The astrology between the two candidates next Monday is filled with many angry planetary aspects, suggesting a winner take-all, "hand-to-hand" combat. Expect more "in your face" exchanges between them. President Obama could possibly continue to go on the offensive reminding the public of Romney's gaffes and inconsistencies in his positions. Romney will focus on reminding the public about the high unemployment and failed policies of the Obama administration.
  • Obama could possibly challenge and attack Romney even more than in the second debate. He will continue to expose Romney's weaknesses such as his time at Bain Capital, his 47 percent gaffe, out-sourcing to China, his blatant dishonesty, and notorious record of flip-flopping on key issues.
  • Expect them to clash even more as they throw verbal" punches and go for the knock out! They will continue to argue and interrupt in a battle to get their share of time and "control" of the debate. Ultimately, the angry dialogue may produce another memorable Romney gaffe.

Look for Obama to decisively win this last debate over Romney.

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