11/01/2012 01:16 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

And Our Next President Is...?

On November 6, voters will go to the polls and cast their ballot for our next President. Because of very powerful astrological events occurring at this time, I predict an even more dramatic and shocking election than the 2000 Bush-Gore presidential contest.

Here is my interpretation of the planetary influences that will be going on from November 6 to November 30, explaining how the presidential election drama may unfold. The very nature of the planets involved -- Uranus and Mercury -- will bring shock, surprise and confusion to this event. For this reason, it's impossible to know exactly how every detail of this election will turn out. But I will point out some of the potential surprises, which may occur and invite you to make your own interpretation after you read my analysis.

The Uranus-Pluto cycle is telling us to look for major upsets, unexpected outcomes and radical changes during this period of time. Pluto's energies bring an underworld influence where secret plotting occurs behind the scenes and even criminal activities are planned. The overall effect suggests that powerful individuals attempt to disrupt the electoral process by manipulating the results of the election. The last time this happened in recent history was Watergate in 1972.

With Mercury retrograde beginning on November 6 until November 26, look for some type of confusion or delay like we had when Mercury was retrograde during the 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. If you recall, what followed was the "hanging chad" fiasco in Florida.

By the time the election was over, the Supreme Court historically ruled Bush the winner, even though Gore won the popular vote by more than half a million votes, and there were still questions about the Florida vote. So will this Mercury retrograde mean that the winner will eventually be the loser? For the 20 days when Mercury will be retrograde, the election results may be unclear and inaccurate. There will be something "we don't know," that we will know when Mercury goes direct on November 26.

Here's the Play-By-Play Analysis

The following is my astrological interpretation of how the election and its aftermath may play out. On Election Day, voters go to the polls. The election is held. It is close, with TV coverage presenting a confusing and ever-changing projection of which candidate is winning. Predictably MSNBC is projecting OBAMA and FOX NEWS is projecting ROMNEY. However, since Mercury is retrograde and in stressed aspect to the moon (which represents emotions and the public), you can expect news reports to constantly change, be confusing, and emotionally upsetting!

The planet Neptune, which rules deceit, deception and fraud, has been retrograde since June 4, guaranteeing that lots of treachery has been going on "behind the scenes" these past five months. It has manifested in many ways. Even though politicians normally take great license in telling the truth, during recent months the level of dishonesty has been on steroids. The only question is which candidate emerged looking more like "Pinocchio." Neptune's influence also accounts for why it's not surprising that new stories are already reporting suspected incidents of voter irregularities.

By the time Neptune goes direct on November 11, the fog will be lifted. Evidence will make it quite clear that there has been a great deal of deception and fraud in order to manipulate the outcome of the vote. The likely result will be many national, state and local elections will be contested over allegations of voter fraud and attempts to repress the vote, especially in the Presidential election.

Since Mercury is retrograde, no matter what the outcome, we may find that election results are re-examined as the suspected wrongdoing is scrutinized. Look for demands of re-counts, bringing into question which candidate won. Remember: in the 2000 Bush-Gore contest, the winner of the popular vote was the loser. This is where we may see some surprising outcomes!

So... does Romney appear to be the winner on Election Day? Or... does Obama appear to be the winner? Or... is there a delay in officially declaring who the winner is?

As news shows and commentators present new revelations about the election and continue their probes, reporters expose voter irregularities, evidence of tampering, and proof of behind-the-scenes maneuvering by various groups. You will hear scores of conspiracy theories, with each political party accusing the other of trying to steal the election from "their" candidate.

It Looks Like The Winner Is...

At first, it appears that in a very close election, Mitt Romney has won the presidency. But because of evidence of attempts to repress minority voters through questionable enforcement of voter identification rules and other alleged dishonest practices, pro-Obama groups begin civil protests alleging that the election was not conducted fairly. They demand a recount and investigation. Tempers rise and reach a boiling point as public upset grows. The Supreme Court and Congress are asked to intervene.

Alternatively, the surprise could be just the opposite: Barack Obama is announced the winner with pro-Romney groups protesting and screaming "Foul!" over the same issues and making the same demands.

Regardless of who wins on election night, the other side may not accept the results. That could be the big surprise.

From mid-November, the planets Mars, Uranus and Pluto violently interact in a very dangerous and explosive way! During the following days, upsets intensify and the public is very angry and rebellious. There is widespread distress among voters because of fears and anxieties about the perceived unfairness of the election and its outcome.

Political leaders of both parties issue threats and ultimatums. Radical groups are up in arms. Democrats are angry over instances of voter suppression. Republicans, Tea Party loyalists and other right-wing groups are outraged, alleging voter fraud and incorrect counts based on their belief that many ineligible voters may have illegally casted their vote for Obama. Each group's protests become more organized, widespread and vocal, voicing their complaints about the election and its results. With Uranus in Aries you can expect people to challenge authority. This could be a tense period where civil order may need to be restored by policing authorities.

To make matters worse, these Mars, Uranus, Pluto planetary aspects often coincide with military tensions and threats. This is a time to be very vigilant of potential confrontations that may occur in "hot spots" such as in the Middle East between Israel and Iran. These tensions could cause a sudden spike in oil prices and a sharp decline in the stock market.

During this time of turmoil, everyone awaits clarity and assurance that the electoral process reflects the true will of the people. It is time for both sides to accept the duly elected President of the United States.

Upon Further Review, I Predict the Winner is...

After great scrutiny and examination, Barack Obama is ruled winner of the 2012 presidential election.

Once Mercury goes direct on November 26, we finally learn something that we didn't know before the election.

We'll have to wait and see if these are the surprises that occur in this presidential election or, if there are others? However, I believe this will be an election you will never forget where nothing goes as expected. Meanwhile, make sure to VOTE!

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