07/03/2012 02:09 pm ET Updated Sep 02, 2012

Look for Love This Fourth of July

This could be the Fourth of July where fireworks go off in your love life!

If you are single and available: Young or old, as you socialize and meet people at parties, picnics, on the volleyball court, at the beach, the club, or at a concert, please take note. Be on the lookout for five special love relationships that the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or, Pluto might bring you this July 4.

First, ask yourself: What kind of love do you want at this time of your life? For example, if you've never been married, you may yearn for a deep, mystical, romantic love. If you've already been married three times, you might say, "Been there... Done that before! Next..." You might prefer a more "down-to-earth" kind of love. In contrast, if you are older or widowed, you might pass on "Mr. Wild 'n Crazy" in favor of someone who satisfies your basic security needs and shares common interests and your desire for companionship.

One of these loves might be perfect at this time of your life...

Jupiter Love

This partner is your friend. If you are looking for someone who is generous with a kind heart -- look no further. Expect them to have a good sense of humor; they always seem to be happy, positive and enjoy public affection. You'll be best friends and learn a great deal from each other. You'll enjoy philosophizing and having intellectual discussions.

Plan on doing lots of socializing, taking classes together, and being physically active. You'll travel to foreign countries where you'll learn about other cultures. However, their love of the "good life" and their pursuit of pleasure may lead you both to overindulge in excessive food and drink.

You'll enjoy an excellent balance between love and freedom, a relationship that is devoid of jealousy or the usual pettiness between lovers. Sex is great because this person will enjoy sensual pleasures and any opportunity to please you.

Saturn Love

This partner is your protector. If you are ready for security and dependability and no longer have a need for the "be still my beating heart" type of love -- then this is the perfect romantic partner for you. You'll share a relationship where you each take responsibility for creating your own love and happiness. You are both mature enough to accept each other's flaws. This will be a mutually beneficial relationship where you both satisfy each other's needs in a practical and useful way that you can depend on.

There is likely to be a considerable age difference between you. This partner will be the "older and wiser" person who acts as a guide in your relationship and whose wisdom brings you a larger and more realistic view of the world. Sex together is likely to be very "earthy, private, and personal."

Uranus Love

This is your partner for excitement. If you've ever had the desire to find someone who makes you crazy in a good way and take you places you have never gone before, this is the partner you want! Expect to enjoy a new feeling of freedom and excitement. You'll know this person immediately, because they will be quite different and unusual from your other romantic relationships, either because of their ethnicity, age or even interests. Expect to say the words: "Mom... Guess who's coming for dinner?"

Your new love allows you an escape from the everyday rut and routine of your normal life. You'll find yourself doing things together that in your former life, might have made you blush. Possessiveness is not a problem, since the cornerstone of this relationship will be giving each other lots of freedom to avoid feeling smothered. Your time together will never be dull because excitement is the glue that holds your relationship together. Even the lack of stability will intensify your attraction to this person! Sex is thrilling and often occurs at unexpected times and unexpected places.

Neptune Love

This partner is your ideal. If you ever dreamed of finding a mystical love with someone whose spirituality and higher consciousness are part of their very being, then say hello to your new love. You have finally found a person who doesn't need all the trappings of wealth and possessions to find personal happiness. They are interested in their fellow man and take pleasure in enjoying the small pleasures of life and living simply. Their loving nature inspires you and makes you feel like you are in a beautiful romantic dream with your perfect "soul mate." You will share a psychic connection with them where you intuitively read each other's thoughts without saying a word.

Your loving feelings make it possible to accept their obvious flaws. You will both feel a deep sensitivity and compassion toward each other, and a special spiritual connection in each other's presence. You will enjoy and share a mutual appreciation for artistic, musical, and metaphysical activities together -- like yoga, consciousness-raising retreats, and tantric-sex workshops. Sex is... dreamy, sensuous and romantic.

Pluto Love

This is your passionate partner. If you've longed for a relationship that arouses deep, intense and compulsive feelings of love -- this is the one. It will seem like you are experiencing a karmic love that only fate seemed capable of bringing into your life. You will know this is love because of the strength of the feelings and profound passion that you notice when you are in each other's company. You can't wait to see this person because your love obsesses you.

You will immediately feel this bond of loyalty, devotion and profound level of intimacy between you. The love you share has the power to transform you both. This is the person you will have deep conversations with about your innermost secrets. The power of your romantic connection gives you the ability to purge yourself of all the fears that have stopped you from loving as you do now. Your ability to love is reborn through this relationship. Sex is deep, intense and transformational. It touches you at your very soul.

These are five of the classic loves you may experience. It's good to be aware that our tremendous need for love can tempt us to accept "whichever" love happens to come our way. This may suffice in the short-term but only be temporarily satisfying. As you ponder each, ask yourself which one would meet your needs at this time in your life, and provide great joy in the long-term. Which type of love would bring fireworks to your Fourth of July?

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