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Men Behaving Badly


The 8th House of the birth chart rules the "death and rebirth" of ourselves as individuals. It is in this House where we keep all things hidden, our sexuality as well as our desire for power and control. If we are open to the process of discovering who we are at the deepest levels, we can improve and transform ourselves.

When Saturn transits our 8th House, we find ourselves re-evaluating our behavior, sexuality and our use of power. We even re-examine the methods or habit patterns we use to achieve our objectives in these areas, such as friendly persuasion or intimidation. However, if our personal desires cause us to manipulate others to get what we want; or if we have a dominating nature and use coercion to get our way - we may decide to root out such behavior and make a change for the better.

It's also possible that if our behavior has been improper, it may be exposed by others, thus forcing us to change it. This transit is often the undoing of abusers, deceivers, hypocrites and adulterers.

During the length of this transit (i.e. two and a half years) we have an opportunity to bring about psychological change that will transform us to be healthier and more fully functioning in our relationship with others. However, the lessons of Saturn can be harsh as these people found out.

A Time to Be Accountable for Your Behavior

Michael had been brought up in an Eastern Bloc country and had immigrated to America as a young boy with his parents. He was raised by a very harsh, and disciplinarian father who punished Michael, beating him with a leather strap, until he was bruised all over.

As Michael grew up and started his own family, he exhibited the same disciplinarian, parenting behavior as his father. When his son, Ronnie, misbehaved, he pulled out a leather strap and gave him a whipping he wouldn't forget. Many of the beatings he gave his son were physically abusive, which made it understandable why Ronnie was very afraid of him. Michael's wife, Mary, had begged him to stop hitting the child in such an aggressive, abusive way. But he wouldn't listen and continued to mete out punishment to Ronnie whenever he perceived behavior he disapproved. After all, Michael reasoned to Mary, "My father treated me that way and I turned out all right, didn't I?"

After watching her son receive one exceptionally bad beating, Mary had enough of helplessly standing by and decided to get help. She went to her son's school and asked to speak with one the counselors, Mr. Meyers. She recounted, in specific detail, the beatings her husband had inflicted on Ronnie. Mr. Meyers was appalled and explained to Mary that in order to protect Ronnie, he would immediately file a report with Child Protective Services, making them aware of Ronnie's physical abuse. Saturn was transiting Michael's 8th House and it was time for him to be held accountable for his behavior and actions.

A Time to Be Sexually Responsible

Since the 8th House governs sex, this is when a person may become aware of the power of their sexuality and its impact on their life. They'll likely learn lessons about the way sex functions in their relationships and regard sex in a more serious manner, whether they're having it or not. Also, if their relationship is sexually unsatisfying, they'll confront the underlying issues that cause it to be so. Saturn's energies demand that a person be accountable for their sexual behavior or pay the consequences. This was a lesson that Brian was about to learn.

Brian was in his senior year of high school and like any teenager his testosterone levels were doing backflips. His new girlfriend Victoria was sweet and playful, but very naïve. They started going to parties and hanging out together, and they began to engage in kissing and heavy petting. Even though, Brian pushed Victoria to go further, she always stopped him, reminding him she was a virgin and wanted to stay that way.

One evening they came back to her house after a party and her parents were already in bed. As they sat down on the couch and had some sodas, Brian complained that they needed to "spice up" their drinks. He was able to talk Victoria into raiding her parents' liquor cabinet and pouring some rum into their colas. Soon they were both drunk and they started kissing and touching and one thing led to another. The next thing they knew was they were having unprotected sex. It didn't take long for them sober up enough to realize what they had done. A month later a test showed that Victoria was pregnant. Saturn was transiting Brian's 8th House and he was soon to learn a lesson about being sexually irresponsible.

In both of these stories, Michael and Brian are called to task for their behavior. When people behave improperly, Saturn often brings a crisis that forces them to pay the consequences for their actions. These consequences teach them valuable lessons about being responsible and give them the opportunity to make positive adjustments that can create real change in their behavior.

Find out when Saturn transits your 8th House. It will be an important time when you'll re-examine your personal transformation and sexuality so that you can be more accountable for how well these areas of your life have turned out.

If you want to know where your personal transits are - to see if they are affecting you, go to the Free Transit Calculator and enter your birth date. You may find that the planet Saturn is bringing a major change into your life right now.

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