06/19/2012 05:35 pm ET Updated Aug 19, 2012

The Planetary Event: How it May Change Your Life

Something important, unique and unusual is occurring that may change your life and the America you live in. There are two rare planetary cycles happening now. The first, involving the planets Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, has only occurred four times in the last 300 years: 1761-1770, 1843-1851, 1927-1934 and now, 2008-2015.

During each of these historical time periods, America was embroiled in a very serious economic downturn, huge debt crises and a resulting depression. In fact, in the 1930s it was known as the Great Depression. But grab ahold of your seat, because on June 24, we will begin the second major planetary cycle, featuring the planets Uranus and Pluto, with Saturn in the background.

The last time this rare planetary cycle occurred was 1931-1933, also during the depression, then again in 1967-1972, a time of civil rights marches, mass demonstrations against the Vietnam War, rebellion on campuses, protests against authority, assassinations, violence, bombings against the government, and cries about injustice and inequality. Does any of this sound familiar? This planetary cycle is here again from 2012-2015. We are going "back to the future!"

Here's an explanation of what all this means. This rare planetary cycle will unite the economic suffering of the 1930s with the revolutionary zeal of the 1960s, giving the people and its government the opportunity to face our problems and resolve them once and for all.

Let me introduce the cast members to this "planetary drama" of revolution, reform and change -- you'll remember them because they were in the skies in the fall of 2008. These "planetary culprits" brought shock and awe to the financial world during those dark days of October, when you may have lost your retirement savings, your home or your job.

Uranus represents shock, violent change and new discovery. It is the planet of radical revolution. Pluto rules catastrophic events, death, rebuilding, rebirth and transformation. It also rules the banking system debt and bankruptcy. Together they will deliver shock, crisis, discovery and transformation.

But pay special attention to the "stars of our show," the planets Uranus and Pluto. In their current planetary cycle, these planets create needed change through radical means, the death of what's not working and the rebirth of something better. Their purpose will be to shock the system and create crisis in order to create resolution, just as they did during the turbulent civil rights and Vietnam years. The Uranus-Pluto cycle will occur two times in 2012 (June 24 and September 19) and five more times over the next three years.

President Obama: Are You Listening?

Astrology can provide a likely forecast of potential outcomes along with wise guidance (are you listening, President Obama?). But ultimately, the citizens and their leaders need to make the hard choices and take the corrective actions.

Fortunately, we now have Neptune in Pisces. This planetary placement can bring peace, compassion and idealism into our consciousness, heal us and even bring miracles into our lives. There are other positive astrological cycles to help minimize and even solve this crisis, especially from Oct. 12, 2012 through July 19, 2013, when Saturn and Neptune move into a positive cycle, giving people a wonderful opportunity to apply practical solutions, in a compassionate and even spiritual way, perhaps, to solve the nation's health care problem.

When Saturn and Pluto begin their positive cycle -- Dec. 26, 2012 to Sept. 22, 2013 -- our leaders will have the opportunity to work together to make progressive plans to put people back to work, restructure our financial and debt problems, reform the tax code so that it is simpler and fairer and eliminate those structures in our system of government that do not work and replace them with ones that do.

These astrological planetary cycles bring good news or bad news, opportunity or danger, depending on how our citizens, leaders and our government choose to confront the crises that may occur.

Top 8 Forecasted Events: 2012-2013

Based on the dramatic effects of these planetary cycles, here are what some people think could potentially happen during 2012-2013 and into 2015:

1. Debt crisis may continue to negatively impact the American economy and escalate from country to country, resulting in major defaults and bankruptcies leading to a total restructuring of the world financial system (e.g., writing off debt and starting from scratch, and a new world currency system) in order to bring back faith and trust.

2. Possible taxpayer revolt based on tax legislation that will increase taxes in 2013 as part of the plan to restructure our debt; however, leaders may reform the tax code so that it is simple and fair to everyone.

3. Possible stock market crash this year may begin with a series of small stock market crashes, starting in the summer, similar to 1929-1932 years, which may result in elected leaders making important changes in the fall to resolve the underlying problems in our financial system and economy to avoid the next great depression between 2012 to 2015.

4. The 2012 Presidential election may bring a surprising and upsetting outcome similar to the 2000 presidential election of Bush and Gore.

5. The U.S. president possibly impeached in 2013? Cries for impeachment may be based either on continued polarization and the inability of the president and Congress to act together to solve the country's problems or possibly because of a large scandal.

6. More political leaders possibly ousted out of office in favor of new leaders who may offer democracy, opportunity, and peace for their citizens.

7. Possible new war in 2013 between Israel and Iran.

8. Alternative energy sources are possibly finally committed to and adopted.

We Benefit By... Going Back to the Future

The Uranus-Pluto cycle brings forth the "pain of birth" in order to produce a new functioning society, economy and government. This crisis will be mankind's opportunity to work together, meet challenges and find innovative solutions to old problems, thus truly transforming the world we live in for the greater good of us all -- not just for the benefit of the privileged few.

By 2020-2021, the positive healing and transformative process will be completed. We may begin a new era of hope and prosperity based on the positive actions taken during this planetary cycle. We will have successfully gone "back to the future" and benefited from it. The revolution will be complete. If we fail, then remember your Shakespeare: "The fault is not with the stars -- it is in ourselves!"

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